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Have you ever seen God at work in your life? Or in the lives around you?

For the past few weeks, this camp has been full every night! Isn't this usual? Nope! Last year, the full sign went on maybe four times according to the owner. This year, the full sign has been on every night so far!

When the tornado arrived 5 weeks ago, it took out many homes and many businesses. It isn't that God was angry at them or that He didn't stand up for them, not that at all. Yet, afterwards, I had a vision, God had his hand over this camp. I know Steve and I were praying, not sure who else was, the staff stayed incredibly calm and alert and handled the responsibility of the guest like they were family. That tornado spawned many things in its aftermath.

Our phone at the office started ringing off the hook! Insurance adjusters, roofers, carpenters, and more needing space to park their rig. We had to start a waiting list for the numerous ones calling. Some people are living in rigs in their drive ways to keep their homes safe. Police were at every neighborhood entrance checking IDs so they knew they were not just looksyes.

The gas stations are still out of commission and will be for a few more months. People come in and wonder what in the world happened! So, we share the tale again.

We have enjoyed working in the kitchen. It's consistant, it's the same thing every week, it's fun sometimes to watch my dearest serve others in a greater depth than he ever thought possible. He is awesome and I fall deeper in love with him all over!

Is waiting ever easy?

Is trusting that God has always walked ahead of you and has, as a loving father, waited for you? Sometimes, we walk right into His ways and follow, and sometimes, we decide that we have to follow another way and walk out of His path for our life. Walking out of the path or steps and God's waiting, we try hard to do everything on our own, but it just doesn't seem to work out and then we ask or yell, or question God because it didn't. Sometimes we don't understand how we got to where we are. We look around lost and alone because the wilderness is lonely.

So, we either celebrate because we followed that plan and steps that we figured out and God's anointing was on it or we are lost in the wilderness alone and scared and wondering why we did what we did.

Gheezh, why is Janette going off again!

Well, my friends, I learned years ago through some major trials that patience is learned by tribulations in life. Things that have to teach you patience. As we sit in our Sabbatical time, we understand that patience and waiting on God to move is very important. Trusting that He has the plan and we are simply to trust and obey and enjoy the time that our life is in His hands and not on our own.

When we lean on our own understanding and not trust that God has given us Godly wisdom, umm.... we ...

In order to know what plan God has for our lives, we really need to be in His Word on a daily basis. Finding out who He really is, who Jesus is, what the disciples taught, those precepts are key to our right living.

One of the things I have been learning this time off of ministry is that I need to trust that God has the plan and I NEED to wait upon the Lord. Faith will rise as we wait upon the Lord.

We have found a home church here! You could not hide if you wanted to! But that's a good thing, it's like the show Cheers, everybody knows your name! It's really nice to be greeted by name when you walk in. The Pastor is pretty nice too.

Today we are heading to Norman for Linner (lunch/dinner) and shopping and Mardels! Just gonna soak in at Mardels. Don't have a lot of money to spend but it's nice to just soak in sometimes.

If you ever come through OKC, stop by and say Hi!

Until next time!

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