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We try to get our chores done in the mornings, which gives us the entire afternoon to simply “do as we please.”

I had several chores lined up to get done this morning, but most are still on my “to-do” list.

We were awake around 5:30 and I had the campfire started by 6:00 AM.

Marilyn brought coffee out to me and we sat there, sweatshirts, hot coffee, and the fire keeping us warm enough in the 60 degree weather.

One of the neighbors, named Willy, stopped by with his own cup of coffee. He sat with us and talked about the family reunion they are having here. Before long, his brother, Ken, stopped by and visited with us, too.

These two guys kept us in stitches as they related how it is to have 4 teenage girls and a large dog, living in the small RV with them. The four girls are granddaughters of Ken, and he described in great detail how his once beautiful RV looks today.

One girl complained that she had lost a pair of pants with $43.00 in the pocket. They later found the missing pants, inside the RV, among the discarded clothing scattered around on the floor.

Marilyn was still laughing when the guys left to take the kids somewhere.

Ken said that it would be less expensive to drive 12 hours to take those girls back home, than it cost him yesterday, to take them to the zoo.

Marilyn & I just cracked up.

Once we finished with our morning coffee, I dumped the holding tanks, while Marilyn straightened up the inside of the RV.

We then took a hike up the mountain. Wow! Was it that steep last year?

It seems to get more steep each year. Who is doing that to our nice trail?

We did have phone service when we reached the top of the mountain. We called Jennifer and then called our friends, Dennis & Sonja.

After we were safely off the mountain, we decided to make a run into town, so I walked down to Dennis & Janet’s place to see if they needed anything from town. They were not at home.

I also asked at the desk if they needed anything for the resort.

We then drove into town to pick up a couple of short water hoses, but had no luck finding anything less than 25’, suitable for drinking water. We tried Walmart and then Home Depot but had no luck!

I guess Camping World may be next.

We did pick up a couple of items for David, who owns the resort here, and we fueled the truck before returning.

I almost forgot, we ate a bite of lunch at “Chili’s”.

Back at the RV, Marilyn took her book outdoors, while I sat at the computer inside.

She did a load of laundry and I put the desktop computer together.

That was about it for us today.

We have some neat plans for tomorrow as we hope to meet friends, Jim & Ellie, for lunch.

We sure look forward to that, and know we will have a good time with those nice friends.

So that is about all I have for today. We are absolutely enjoying the wonderful weather here.

Wow, Life is Good!

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