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It was an “Early to Bed, Early to Rise” night for me yesterday.

I kept falling asleep in my recliner so I finally wandered off to bed around 8:30 last night. I managed to stay awake reading until close to 9:30, before I zonked out. The next thing I knew, it was 5:00 AM and I had been asleep for more than seven hours.

People sometimes think I am crazy for getting up so early in the morning, now that I am retired.

I have been getting up early in the morning since I was a young guy in the Military. I has just seemed normal to see the sun rise, or to be out and about while much of the world around me is still sleeping.

I love the early morning! It is my favorite time of day.

This morning, I dressed and went outdoors. The sun had not yet peeked over the hills and yet, it was daylight. All is peaceful at that time of morning. I set chairs up next to the fire-pit, then started a campfire.

I sat there in the early morning, staring into the flickering flames, and listening to the birds waking up. The sound of their singing was mixed with the sound of the breeze in the pine trees.

The smell of a campfire mixed with the faint scent of the pine trees.

It was about the time when the sun first peeked over the hill when Marilyn came outdoors to join me. She carried a tray with a carafe of fresh brewed coffee, two cups, a spoon, and creamer, with sweetener for her.

We sat together with the fire, sipping our coffee, and talking in a low whisper, so as not to disturb the awesome stillness of this beautiful morning.

We agreed that life simply does not get any better than this!

The temperature was 62 degrees this morning and the humidity stayed below 20%, with a gentle breeze making that soothing sound as it passed through the branches of the pines.

There were no bugs to annoy us, which seems so different from Missouri, where you can barely stay outdoors without being eaten up with bugs, and the humidity assures that any shower you might have taken, must be repeated when you go inside.

In case anyone wonders why we like Colorado so much, it is the awesome weather in the summer which draws us back, time after time.

We were reluctant to break our reverie so Marilyn went inside, fixed some breakfast and then brought it outside for us to enjoy beside the campfire.

People were out and about, walking dogs, drinking their coffee, etc by the time we decided to get some chores done.

I cleaned some bugs off the front of the rig but it needs more intense labor to get them all cleaned off.

I took the “Broom” mud-flap off the truck, unloaded the TV from the truck, and set it up in the basement, along with the Wii system.

By this time, Marilyn was nearly done inside so we set to cleaning the windows. I did the outside while Marilyn did the inside. We also cleaned the screens, while we were at it. I snapped the sunscreen onto the rear of the RV, covering the large picture window. Now the sunshine won’t heat things up so much on the inside of our coach.

I hung bird feeders up for Marilyn. We have one hummingbird feeder on the window and one hanging in the tree next to the fire-pit. We also have a window feeder with seeds for the songbirds.

By this time, I decided to get cleaned up so that we could take a walk and make a trip to town.

As we walked we saw another couple walking toward us. They seemed to know us and introduced themselves with a big smile on their faces. Dennis and Janet, from Pennsylvania, have been readers of our blog for some time and wanted to meet us.

They are nice people and I expect that we will share a few campfires with them while we are all here together.

We had one chore remaining, so I helped Marilyn make the bed once we were back in the RV, and then we drove into town.

Going downhill, with a tailwind and no trailer hooked on the back, I saw 19.7 mpg at one time and we ended up getting 19.1 mpg for the 16 mile trip.

Coming back to the resort, uphill and into the wind, but still no trailer hooked on, resulted in a nice 16.0 mpg. Not bad.

A nice nap in the afternoon made this day nearly perfect.

Until tomorrow, remember that………….Life is Good!

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