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Off to Pammukale, a place of vast limestone terraces with natural hot springs (35°C). Pamukkale is one of Turkey’s top attractions and as precious in the world with its cotton-like terraces. The underground water once gave life to the ancient city of Hierapolis now helps Pamukkale be one of the most important thermal centers of Turkey.

Tourists and locals visit Pamukkale and Hierapolis frequently not only for its extraordinary look and its ancient history but also for wellness. Scientifically proven to cure many diseases, the waters attract people and there are many thermal hotels in the area that serve 12 months a year.

It is so incredible, the beauty and serenity is overwhelming. Our group did a walking guided tour of the Old city, the stadium is really spectacular and there are so much of the ruins still intact. The guide told us that there is a large Italian presence at Pamukkale in the preservation and reconstruction of the Old City. Truly amazing.

LEGEND : There was a young girl who was unmarried and ugly. As no one wanted to marry her, she decided to commit suicide and she threw herself off the travertine and fell into a natural pool but did not die. Because of the water in the natural pool she turned into a very beautiful girl and caught the attraction of the lord of Denizli while he was passing by. At that moment, the lord fell in love with this young and beautiful girl and they soon got married.

So, in addition to the curing effects of the water, people also believe in the beautifying power of the water. As the water is useful, this land has been a place where people visit periodically for beauty and health since the ancient times. So the reason for Pamukkale to be an attractive place is not only the natural travertine, but also the healing waters.

The mineral water of Pamukkale helps recovering the high blood pressure, kidney stones, stroke, rheumatism, nervous and physical exhaustion, eye and skin diseases, circulatory problems, digestive maladies, nutritional disorders and chronic disorders. Pamukkale became a spa resort today and the center of a pagan cult in antiquity.

Sam and I walked around the area for a bit, and then it started to rain, so back to Selcuk we went. Great day.......

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