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At orange juice stand #28

Dinner on the Djemma al Fnaa

The cook whips up some kebab

Berber warrior princess with camel-bone rifle

Marrakesh was such a surprise. We expected something a bit more authentic. It is quite commercial, and borders on feeling mass produced at times. As shopping seems to be the primary activity, a lot is produced and sold here. Culturally, there are parallel worlds living in Marrakesh. Foreign women do not even feel compelled to pretend modesty, preferring too short shorts and strapless tops. The locals don't even blink. The typical Marrakesh woman is still covered head to foot. The large numbers of French and Spanish tourists / shoppers means that French, then Spanish, then English are languages of choice. The old Medina still physically exists, but one wonders where it's soul is...perhaps in the incredibly entertaining Djemma al fnaa (main square) with the snake charmers, henna tattoo artists and orange juice squeezers. It's quite a trip...

For the first time in quite awhile we stayed in a Riad with about 30 youngish, 'been-there, done-that' travellers. In contrast to 20 and 30 years ago, there are so many young Chinese, Indian and South American people out experiencing the world. It's an interesting change and tracks who is growing today.

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