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K well hey, its been awhile i know but here i am right?

I dont even know what to tell you, its actually june 5th today and my life has been very magnifique(as always).

So im going back in time in order to relive past experiences and share them with the people i love, who, i know,are dying from their curiosity. What have i been doing all this time? What have i been doing..

on my birthday may 22, it was a fairly cool, typical rainforest day (clouds, a bit of rain la la la). I woke up feeling much better than before. At this point i was making a slow recovery from various traumas i had experienced, i.e. Leaping out of the back of a pickup truck and onto the gravely side of a mountain peak, suffering from a terrible ear ache that had been bothering me on and off for about a month now, and a flu/cold that i had picked up somewhere in mexico. the combination of symptoms and effects were quite astounding, and it lay me down ( i pretty much was nothing more than a blob, unable to function or take care of myself), for at least a week after i had returned to my family in the Better in Belize rainforest "eco-village".

The Truck accident, let me just give you a bit of an overview because i want to. Basically, Hayley, Sage, Devon, and myself, were camping near the river, about 20 minutes away (on foot) from the "eco village". Our friend Jeffery, a small, Super Energetic, really in shape 50 year old from barbados who had lived in Kitchener Ont for many years before he moved to Belize (He is friends with the owners of the "eco village" had given us a lift there with our bags and shit and he had just showed up to drive us back. Me and Hayley ( the crazy daredevils that we are), went right for the truck back and stood up, holding onto the bar thing that outlined the cab, so we had a clear view of the road and everything else around us. Normally, the truck back is my fave place to be when driving. When your going down the hummingbird hwy, you can watch the serene, green , mayan mountains roll away behind you and get the tasty breezes that blow through their lush forests. And its way exciting! the people here drive crazy fast down the hwys and you really just fly through the mountains, up, down, to the left, to the right, curvy, rolling hwy. And when your driving down jungal roads, well that is one of the coolest experiences. The air smells like its healing you as you breath, its so pure and full of life! Seeing the sun shine through the leaves of the cohune palm and all the trees. Tall trees rising up on either side of you ,and their branches coming together, just touching above your head. Its shady with little dapples of sunlight shining through and making it almost seem like your in a rave as it goes from blinding light to leaf shade at a strobe like speed.. Or else its misty and cool and the tree tops around you disapear into soft, white nothingness and it feels so fresh.

It so happened that on the day of the crash, it was a hot sunny day, and the shade from the trees was like the breath of heaven after the hot and fairly exposed campout spot on we had at the base of a this mountain. Let me just say that the road back to the two Better in Belize (BIB) houses that make up the "eco Village", is the opposite of flat. its probably the steepest, most gravelly, maountian road i have ever experienced. Its hard to walk it without losing your footing, let alone drive it. And Jeffery, bless his soul, is not the best driver. So on the way down i had felt the truck slip down the road at a few points, and i was pumped to "ride the truck" on the way up! It was crazy intense, kind of like snow boarding or going down a big ice run on your GT. But it was super fun and exciting and we were both having a blast. But we didnt turn onto the road back. no, instead we took a sharp turn to the right and kept going. We soon found ourselves aweing at the spectacular view of the valley from the side of a big mountain as we spiraled ourway up. Gorgeous view baby, makes you feel pure and refresh. AS we got higher though, it really started to get scary. The road got thinner and thinner and the sheer face of the mountain seemed to grow iminantly closer. I had faith that i would be fine though. nothing had ever gone down and i had negotiated many a mountain road standing in the back of a pickup. We got to the top and got to chill on the platuae overlooking everything! Jeff then showed us a mayan tunnel (just a small one, most of it filled in with earth and debris). and the path he had to machete down dividing the forst fire side from the rest of the mountain that still had green trees (btw it was forest fire season i guess). this particular one we had observed from about a mile away the previous night at our campsite. The path was about five feet across and on one half was all burned and the other was virtually untouched by the flames. ANYWAYS, We wanted to get going cause me and hayley wanted to hang out with my fam for a bit and then take off to Cancun early. Instead this is what happened.....

We get back into the truck, a bit shaky from our perilous journey up. Hayley actually murmuerred somtheing ABOUT maybe riding in the cab where it would be safer. But despite our nagging fear we got right back into the truck jammed our feet down among the bags anand tires and held on tight! devon and sage hopped into their spots in te cab with jeff. And on we whent. WOah, it was scary. so we somehow made it about a quarter round the first spiral at the top when things started getting slidy and bumpy. Jeff put down his foot hard on the brakes and we lost all traction as the gravel slid down the road with us. We started rolling no brakes down this steep as shit mountain road and just as we were about to go careening right off the road into nothingness, jeffery Nreeked the steering wheel right and we somehow made in around the curve. We were hugging the inside wall tight. And upp ahead the the road reached its narrowest point as a heap of excess gravel was pushed to the inside of the road. the pile was about a two or three feet higher from the rest of the ground and was very moundy and uneven. and thats where our right tires rode up on. Yes, instead of risking the mountain side and driving right off the road, jeff stayed on the inside of the road and risked a flip. which is actually what happend. WE rode up on that mound of gravel and the truck was at such an angle that for a breif moment, we were holding on for dear life as we felt the right side of the truck come up off the ground. And then CRASH, it came back down again as the gravel mound dipped down into a low spot. Hayley and i locked eyes and either aloud or mentally debated Jumping for it! We didnt have a chance to act though because just then the right front wheel drove up the gravel ramp right onto the mountain wall, and we didnt come back down this time. The force of the truck as it started its 180 roll, sent me flying up in an arch right off the edge of the road and into the empty air beyond before i came right down landing on the right side, sliding down a nearly vertical slant made of nothing but gravel and then finally landing almost vertically with my feet in a pile of felled trees and branches and bog rocks. i looked up and saw the truck still moving. it was right above me on the mountain and it almost rolled right off the cliff. But it rolled back at he last moement, landing on the roof of the cab!

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #%$@#$@%$#@%$#@

thats what i was thinking and then my mind though about the other people that had been with me! i could hear shouting and i looked up to see hayley lodged in the gravel hill about 5 or 6 feet up the mountain from me. Behind her was the truck. Upside down with the windsheild laying about 4 feet from the truck and smashed nicely. Sage and jeffery i could hear their voices before i could see them. Voices kept calling "are you ok?" and "HOLY SHIT, i cant believe that just happened", mixed in were the laughs of amazment and shock and sages voice calling my name with desperation. SAGE! Devon, i imagined their bodies broken and riddled with big shards of the windshield. Their heads bleading. I thinki must have called out! "SAGE //////////// DEVON, are you ok???//??? "IM OK IM OK, ARE YOU OK??"

Then i saw them. Sages head popping out from behind the truck and devon coming around the side. they didnt look bloody. and jeffery was ok too. he was shouting down at me and gesturing for me to come up or move or say something. I didnt want to move. i just wanted to chill and breath and regain my sense. Everyone was shouting and looking down at me and hayley. hayley was moving about and she kept said she was ok. Everytime i asked her. Sage was ok. Devon was fine he said. jefffery seemed ok but very crazed. I think he was swearing alot, but so were we all. I looked around me. I saw various familiar items strewn about me in the pile of logs and rocks. I saw the glass bottle of spicy ketchup that is our new fave condiment. It was unbroken and i laughed. I must be fine, if that bottle survived. then a wave of wonder and gratitude swept through me, It was a miracle that we were ok. a fucking bloody miracle. so many things could have gone wrong. If the truck had continued to roll it would have gone right over me and hayley and most likely squished us flat.bout 5 feet from which i sustained various . and having to travel with my also injured . friend injuries, incuding a right arm that had been used to reduce the impact to my torso when i landed (so my elbow was severely bruised, it hurt alot as did my shoulder, and the whole section of my under arm between the armpit and elbow had been raked through gravel and rock debris as i slid down

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