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My Brian... My Fighter :)

Brian and I at the fights

A Yummy Place!

At the Claim Jumper... we were sooo tired!

Today we drove south to Long Beach, CA so Brian would be able to fight in the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship. We left fairly early so we would be able to sight see on the way down. That unfortunately didn't work out so well since we have noticed we are staying during "June Gloom"... That means it is cool enough to be fog covered EVERY morning!!!! Uggh! It stays this way along the coast until almost noon. So much for our 'ocean view' room! haha.

We tried using google maps on the way down to Long Beach for a scenic drive, but it was harder than it sounded. We made lots of U-Turns and circled some roads quite a few times until we finally gave up and took the highway in! :)

Brian found a quaint little place called Papalucci's. This place was amazing. A MUST try if you are ever in Long Beach. They have the BEST home made pasta I have ever tasted (excluding Brian's). The good thing is, Brian totally agrees on this.

After lunch we headed over to California State University for the fights. We got there early enough so we could watch a couple hours worth of fights and Brian could get into fight mode. It was very interesting being in a place where English is the least spoken language. It seems like spanish and portuguese was the main language spoken since post of the people were from Brazil.

Brian was cool, calm and collective the whole time. Me on the other hand was a basket case full of nerves. Oh Geez... I was way to nervous when finally went down to fight.

Brian was AMAZING in his fights. He was able to go into each fight with his direction in mind and follow through. Brian placed 5th in the World. I am so very very proud of him, especially since this was the first time he has fought in the World's! Next year we are taking home the gold baby! :)

Once the last match of the night was over we headed out in search of food. Again, Brian's app Urban Spoon on his phone didn't let us down. It led us to a place called Claim Jumper. It was again reasonably priced and AMAZING!!!! We ate until we were feeling sick and Brian had quite of few drinks as well to celebrate. We highly recommend this place if you are in Long Beach!

We eventually headed back to the hotel and then crashed out into the bed... It was a wonderful day!

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