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Yellowheaded Blackbird

Our Road

Still Our Road

No Trespassing!

What's The Password?

Tree Swallow

Lesser Scaups

Blue Winged Teal

Pin Tail

Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center

I Know The Way

Let's Go!


Fort Mandan

Recreated Fort

The Barracks

Knife River Indian Villages NHS

Earthen Lodge


Red Sky At Night . . .

. . . Sailor's Delight

We start our day birding at the Audubon National Wildlife Refuge in Coleharbor, ND. That is, we start after breakfast and after figuring out what the time is. East of the Missouri River is Central Time. West of the Missouri River is Mountain Time. This is why John’s phone keeps switching. We solve another mystery.

There is on again/off again rain so the slow drive through the Wildlife Refuge works out fine. I take many pictures of waterfowl. John spots pheasant and looks for fish.

We see cattle. One mama and calf have crossed over the fence. When they see us, they stand their ground. We move slowly but we make little progress. The calf finally moves over and mama grudgingly gives us enough room to pass.

Next, we head to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center and Fort Mandan. I read Undaunted Courage before we started this trip. Undaunted Courage is a great book about Merriweather Lewis! The Interpretive Center is well done.

Fort Mandan is a reproduction of the fort the Lewis and Clark Expedition built to live in during their first winter here. When the expedition returned this way, the fort had already burnt to the ground.

After lunch, we go to Knife River Villages National Historic Site. I get my passport stamp. There is a reproduction of a Mandan Indian Earth Lodge. Truthfully, if I had my pick, I would take the earth lodge over the fort. It looks a lot warmer and more comfortable!

The National Historic Site is in Stanton, ND. Stanton was the home of Sakakawea. From here, she and her husband went with the Lewis and Clark expedition west. Note: There is no right or wrong spelling of her name. This spelling is currently the most accepted. Since she lived here in North Dakota, I will go along with it.

It has been a full day. We relax back at the park. It is our last night here. Tomorrow we move to the Bismarck area.

Route: ND 83, Alt 200

Campground: Lake Sakakawea State Park

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