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Metal sculpture of a bison skull outside the Montana Historical Society Museum,...

Tanner the Bear, and Gary the Ranger.

Scheming? Planning the route? Where's the next fuel stop?

A stop in a canyon on I-15, north of Helena Montana. Pictures...

Spring has just arrived in the northern half of Montana.

A close-up of the previous flowering tree.

A catbird sitting in the park's driveway.

A bunny rabbit soaking up the sun.

The end of the day.

Gary called the rv dealer this morning and was told "bring it in anytime." We were on the road in thirty minutes. The dealership started working immediately and solved the problems in 90 minutes or so. Great work.

We lunched in the rv, and drove by vehicle to "downtown" Helena. We planned on during a trolley tour of the historical downtown. We had visited a visitor's center and chose a brochure that said tours were at 11, 1, and 3. Upon arrival at 12:30 at the trolley ticket booth there was a sign that said "be back at 2:30." We found out we were given last year's brochure. Bummer. Instead we toured the Montana Historical Society Museum, the oldest Historical Society in the west, formed a year before their statehood.

It was interesting with lots of objects from the days of the American Indians and the white man settling in Montana.

We then left the WalMart parking lot, searching for a fuel center. Oops! the first one was closed. The next exit had two stations but there was road construction causing no left turns. Keep in mind there are three rigs, one after the other, playing "follow the leader". Glen led them to a turn around in a K-Mart parking lot, exiting by a signal light, getting into the right lane and then able to turn right into the fuel stations. We are grateful for big parking lots allowing wide turn arounds.

It was another beautiful drive on a two-lane road with no shoulders...but with very little traffic. We stopped in the town of Choteau, Montana, found an rv park which had been "new" roadside signs. The signs are newer than the park, but we are only here for one night, it isn't crowded, and there are no train tracks back of the park.

After set-up we back-tracked with the car about 3 miles south of town to some potholes...not in the road, but shallow, scooped out areas filled with water. There were some waterfowl that were worth investigating. We found a bird that was new to us...a "life bird", and some that we had only seen one other time. We are taking Myrna in the morning...early...8 a.m.

The day ended with a family sing-along, and the beautiful sunset.

Glacier National Park tomorrow. Come along with us.

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