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Wow it was a good day. Woke to a sunny day. We went into Seattle and stopped at a place called the Under Ground Tour. It was a very good tour. He explained how Seattle was built in the 1800's, built on saw dust and the buildings were made of wood. They were the first ones that had flush toilets and every time the tide came in when they flushed, it would shoot back up with back pressure. When the tide was out the toilets would work fine. So they were working on that problem. In 1886 the town burnt down and they held a meeting and a law was passed saying no wooded buildings only stone or brick could be use. In the process they wanted to add 10feet of dirt to the area to build up the ground so when they used their flush toilets they wouldn't have back pressure. Well the merchants asked how long it would take. They were told 10 year. They said no way, they couldn't wait that long so they built there new stores out of stone and brick. The town fathers went ahead and built the middle of the town up 10 feet with new roads. They built ladders at the end of each road so you could climb down and up to go to the stores. Around 17 people died or were hurt because they fell off the edge of the road or something heavy fell from up top. So the town fathers built steel beams over the walkways and built stairways out of stone so it was easier to get down. In 1906 the underground walkway was boarded up because of the rats and the bubonic plaque, so the stores took out one of there windows on the second floor and put in doorways. Around 1916 they reopened the stairway and the people were happy because it took them out of the weather and elements of outside. During the prohibition period the underground flourished with speakeasy's and gambling. Then in 1942 when the war stated the government came in and cemented up the stairway for fear that the enemy would sneak in and bomb the tunnels. In 1946 the tunnels were reopened and the antique dealers came in and stripped the tunnel stores of there doors, nobs, glass windows and anything else that could be of value. There are 33 blocks of underground walkways in the pioneer square. They are used still today some of them have there stores down there or they use the lower level for storage or like some of them let the underground tour company pay them a monthly fee to take people through and learn the history of Pioneer square. We left there and walked around. We stopped at the football stadium and Rick walked up to see the inside of it. He said they had it set up for soccer. We left there and headed back to town to move our car so we don't get another TOW and parking ticket. We went down to the pier and had lunch, then headed up to the monorail for a ride on it. It goes from the space needle to the retail core. We got out at the retail core and walked around. They have it done very nicely. Lots of squares where you can sit and eat or just people. We left there hopped back on the monorail and headed back. We left there, headed back to our MH, stopped and had dinner. It was a very enjoyable day. Sun sure can lift your spirits.

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