Danube - Side Trip to Zemun

Danube Looking S. Towards Belgrade

Tower in Zemun - Only Remains of Fort

Map of Distribution of Serbs

Costumes of People - By District

Museum Reproduction of Old House Interior

Street Corner/Public Transport/Great Green Tile Deco Bldg.

Another Shot - New Crowd

Tim & Mari Overlooking Danube in Fortress Grounds/Park

Owl on a Wire(Nxt To Tennis Court - Players Not 10' Away!)

Fearless Tower & Danube

The Wall

Looking 180 Degrees From Previous

Green Tile Bldg. Again

Painting on Flat Bldg. Looks 3-D

3-D Shot A Close up

Since we were going to arrive late we tried to call the Hostel International phone # in the LP but only got a busy signal...then we attempted the number of the Royal Hotel but it also was busy, this from 10:15 until 11 am. Caught the train at 12:40 pm - overcast and almost raining...due to work on the tracks in Serbia, we ended up on a bus { where Mari met a group of guys going to a martial arts free for all, sort of like Fight Club, in Germany. She had a grand time talking with them!! } for close to 5 hours to Niš(sp?) where we got back on a train for the rest of the journey into Bucharest - it had been raining most of the way, the river which the tracks followed was over its banks a bit. It was slow and delayed so rather than arrive at 9 like we thot, we got into town at 10 pm and began looking for the Royal Hotel, which according to the LP was the most reasonable. Taking a trolley ended us up at the Royal which was full...they told us that many hotels were full due to some conference. He "kindly" called several others until he found rooms avail. at one way back down where we had just come from(did not know what price)! It was no longer raining but much colder than Sophia. We stopped at several more hotels on our way to the one suggested and all were full. Finally, we got to the Prag Hotel and it was 20 Euro per person ($90 US total)...being past midnight we paid, it was cold and not getting warmer nor were our spirits getting any higher!!

The next day we got up and Bon & I trekked to the HI office where the gentleman there called the Astoria Hotel where they had made arrangements for a hostel on one floor of the half the cost of the night before! IT WAS LESS THAN A BLOCK FROM THE TRAIN STATION IN PLAIN VIEW, WE HAD WALKED WITHIN 20' OF IT THE NIGHT BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that was OUR Friday the 13th(on a Wednesday, ha!).

Yesterday, we toured the town as well as moved into our new accomodations...visited the fortress remains which is now a city park, originally a castle stood there built in 1404 AD by I guess the first Serbian king...since that time it has been the most fought over parcel in Europe having been built and rebuilt over 40 times by Serbs,Austrians,Turks, etc

Today(actual 13th) we took a bus out of town to check out Zemun 5 miles north which was as far south at the Austrian Empire got back when...saw the tower remains of a citadel and walked along the Danube and people watched.

We are leaving tomorrow for Bucharest, it has been very costly for us here due to the overnights and also transport...not going to stay since it is not really much different than Bulgaria in terms of the countryside, altho I must say the people are more genuinely friendly and helpful!

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