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Some of the rigs we are the third one down

One of the Chapter One rigs

Bonnie ended up having to work all day so we left home at 4:15. I had to hit the brakes a little hard as a car turned in front of me without much warning. A short time later we smelled hot brakes. I found a place to pull over and checked the wheels. No smoke just a little smell. We had twenty miles to go so we proceeded, now the ABS warning light is on. The club was pulling out for dinner as we pulled in, we told them to go ahead and we would set up and relax. I did not notice any strong brake smell so am hoping all is good. Art was the first of the group to come back and started the fire. It was not long before the rest returned and most gathered around the campfire. It was a beautiful evening, calm and clear. We actually saw the Space Station go over. Lots of stories and other good conversation. Before I knew it, it was after 10:00 and folks were not long in saying goodnight and heading to the units. With the full moon it was easy to see our way home. We are in the back part of the campground and have about ten units from our Chapter 12 and Chapter 1 that pretty much fills the circle. It was a nice quiet night and cool enough for good sleeping. Highlight of the evening was seeing a pair of Orioles in the tree by the fire just before dark.

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