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Sam Hurley - Cape Onion

Visitor at Three Falls RV Park

Onion Head

Sam's Crafts

Beautiful calm sunny day, high 50’s, as good as it gets here!

Drove a few miles to Raleigh and spent an hour or more talking with Abiel Taylor who retired from fishing, etc. and runs a craft shop selling his moose antler, moose bone, whale bone, and wood and stone carvings (very nice.) He pointed out the location of the Bunt Cape Ecological Reserve with 35 or more endangered plants, including tiny brave flowers like the arctic poppy. The gravel road was rough, so we parked by a cemetery and walked to the park, up the road near the top of the head. It looked as if we would be able to walk around the head and back – not much in the way of a trail, but it was beautiful walking right by the sea, huge iceberg in the bay and snow patches on the ground, then bush-whacking through the stunted firs and heath and scree, around the crevasses, quite an adventure. We could see the Labrador coast in the distance.

We then drove out to then end of PH 437 to Ship’s Cove and Onion Head. Met Sam Hurley and bought one of his wood painted puffins, could barely understand a word, he has the thickest NFL accent yet – these are friendly talkative folks (“Your stip is oot” they told us on the ferry…everyone says “right on!”)

Then back to PH430 and into St Anthony. Shopped for food, dieseled up, went to the Grenfell Museum – interesting. Found nice weaving by Mabel Manuel (The Busy Shuttle) in the gift shop, an 85 year old from Gander, will try to look her up.

Drove back to Triple Falls RV Park on PH430 and did laundry, filled and dumped, ready to dry camp again. Wifi worked for a while, but rather slow. We had a visit from a (probably young male) moose, right outside the Pulse’s window. Cooked fresh cod, yummy, will try to find some traditional salted and dried cod.

Trip Miles – 2310

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