The Hill's Cross-Country Trip - Summer 2010 travel blog

Ben's birthday dinner

Ben with bb gun

We arrived safely in Statesboro, GA to visit with Lynda's son Dwight and his family. We arrived on Ben's 12th birthday. His favorite gift was a BB gun. Everyone duck!

We feel God's protection from all of your prayers. There are numerous times that events could have ended in disaster, where God has protected us. Last night Bob onramped in the wrong lane--offramp. An 18 wheeler came down the offramp and missed our rig. He was able to get on the highway safely, but it was a close call. The trip from TN to GA has a lot of upgades and downgrades. Bob did not have trailer brakes on the Titanium, making the downgrades especially dangerous. We arrived in good shape. The trailer will go into the shop for repairs tomorrow.

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