Canning Stock Route Trek 2010 travel blog

Road to Wiluna from Carnegie (note the dust)

Campsite at Carnegie Station

Campsite at the Gunbarrel Laager (Wiluna)

Carol and Peter and 'fly protection'

A herd of camels on the way into Wiluna

Well we are settled at the Gunbarrel Laager (note Andre) about 10km out of town. While the Wiluna Caravan Park has green grass it is situated behind the local pub. Reports have it as very noisy at night so we chose the rather barren Laager campground over the campground in town. We also think this is a better way to acclimatise ourselves for the next eleven nights of camping along the Canning. Two of the groups already here are also planning to begin the Canning tomorrow. One group is planning to do the Canning in three weeks; the other group intend to do it in 25 days. This is a little worrying as we have planned to complete it in eleven days. Well time will tell if my planning is accurate. Then again if we had Tony with us we could probably complete it in six days!

It was nice to have a Telstra connection today. I managed to call Cathy, Caitlin and Clive (at school) and send a text message to Mitch. Thank goodness for our sat phone that has allowed me to talk to Cathy most nights.

The campground here was also a vineyard at one stage. Unfortunately the costs of transporting the grapes to market passed the sale price of the grapes and so all the vines have been removed. The campground does have a thriving citrus orchard and we were invited to pick our own mandarins for $4/kg. To make sure we picked the sweetest mandarins we had to sample the fruit and we came away with a full bucket of mandarins and completely sated appetites. We also managed to do two loads of washing and it is becoming increasingly clear that the outback red soil is taking its toll on our clothes. Reg will definitely need some new singlets and my short socks are gaining a reddish hue. We are now relaxing in front of our campfire talking over the events of the day. There is something hypnotic and therapeutic about sitting around a campfire each night. It is also amazing how easily we have fitted in with the rhythms of the day, arising with sunrise and retiring a lot earlier in the night then what we would do at home. I try to read a little each night and so far have completed one novel and have just started reading Tim Winton’s ‘Cloud Street’. Well I’ll sign off now. Best wishes to all and I’ll post again from Halls Creek.



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