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It was 11:00 PM when I was awakened from a sound sleep by the crashing of thunder, flashing lightning, and then the sound of rain pounding on the roof.

The wind blew hard enough to shake the RV a couple of times, and the rain continued for the remainder of the night.

We did not sleep well for the second night in a row.

Marilyn had to be at the Clinic for her first test by 7:30 AM so we were up by 5:00 anyway.

We drank our morning coffee with a “Happy Anniversary” wish for each other.

We then drove to the hospital complex, which shares a large campus with the clinic.

It was 9:00 by the time both tests were completed. We are optimistic as to the outcome but must wait for the results when we see Marilyn’s doctor tomorrow morning at 9:30.

We drove from the hospital to Logue’s restaurant for breakfast. Both of us were hungry and we did justice to the hearty meal.

Back at the RV, we loaded a few things into the Van and drove to Jennifer’s home, where we unloaded those items which are not going to Colorado with us.

Marilyn & I baby-sat with the grandkids while Jennifer ran an errand, and we enjoyed our “Play Time” with Colby and Lauren.

After sharing big hugs and kisses with the grandkids, we left for Hannibal after Jennifer returned home.

We stopped at Walmart to pick up some much-needed supplies.

It had stopped raining by the time we left Jennifer’s place and we were soon back at the RV unloading groceries.

It was a short afternoon and we mainly just relaxed before getting ready for dinner at the Garth Mansion.

Marilyn ironed some clothing to wear to dinner. We were meeting Steve & Jennifer at the Dining Room at 6:30 PM, and looked forward to sharing our anniversary celebration with the kids.

It was 48 years ago that I waited for my best friend to appear at the back of the church and walk down the aisle toward me.

I told her this morning that I still remember how beautiful she looked that morning. She said she still remembers how pale I looked. Actually she described it as “White as a Ghost”! LOL!

We’ve been through a lot in our 48 years together. Many laughs and some tears. Happy times with family and friends, and sometimes just the two of us sharing a special time or event, were spaced with hardships and the terrible tragedy of the death of our 25 year old daughter, Kelly.

We have walked the path together though, through the good times and the bad.

I would marry her again in a heartbeat and she says the same about me. Once in a while, God brings two people together who really were meant for each other. I found my soul-mate, and after 48 years together, I can honestly say that………Life is Good!

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