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Colby helped with the chores today

Once in awhile, I experience one of those nights when I awaken very early and cannot go back to sleep.

Last night was one of those times.

I awoke and glanced at the clock, saw 2:18 AM and rolled over to go back to sleep.

Too late! The brain seemed to kick into gear and I simply lay there, rolling over from time to time. I finally got up at 3:30 and went down to the recliner and this computer.

We had a lot of things to do today and were baby-sitting with both grandkids as well.

Marilyn was up by 5:00 and put coffee on. We sipped our coffee talking about how difficult it is to not know whether we will leave here on Thursday, Friday, or at all.

Marilyn’s test is tomorrow morning, and then we will wait to hear the results.

Not knowing is the hard part for us right now.

We picked up the grandkids and were back at the RV by 7:00 AM.

After Colby ate his breakfast, he joined in helping me with my chores for the day.

I dumped the holding tanks and he watched as I explained what was happening. Of course I didn’t allow him to touch anything and that chore was soon finished.

Next on my list was to air up the tires on the fifth wheel and on the truck.

Colby was helping a lot but the noise of the air compressor was a bit scary for him. He did like the air coming out of the hose when I compressed the valve.

He stayed right with me, watching everything I did and then he took a small stick and used it to “air up” the tires on his toy lawn mower.

I brought the air-ride bags up to the correct level before putting the compressor away.

I loaded some wood for the fire-pit into the back of the truck. I loaded the ladders, steps, and a couple of plastic tubs as well.

Next I took the TV and Wii system from the basement and put them in their correct travel place.

I did take a break in there somewhere because Colby wanted to go to the playground.

We played for awhile and had a good time. Marilyn came down the road pushing the stroller with Lauren aboard, and they joined us for a walk to check out the killdeer eggs, which have not yet hatched.

We had to visit the sluice while we were at it.

It was really warm and humid today, and both Colby and myself were sweating, as well as quite dirty.

Colby looked as if he had helped me out and Marilyn took a couple of pictures. He looked so cute with dirt and grease on his face, hands and arms.

Marilyn cleaned him up before lunch, while I took a shower and put on clean clothing.

We stayed inside most of the afternoon, enjoying the A/C and watching the kids take their naps.

We are very much ready to get back on the road.

We will keep you good folks advised of the results of Marilyn’s tests. We appreciate so much, the kind thoughts and prayers, you have sent our way. Thank you all!

We are confident and continue to believe that….Life is Good!

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