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Today’s Conference program included a hike up into the Pyrenees and a picnic lunch. So after updates from teams and prayers for them, we piled into all available vehicles and set off on our way. The plan was for the cars to drop those of us off who wanted to walk the 10 minutes along a wooded trail up to the picnic area while the cars continued on to the site. Somehow, the three cars that made it to the drop-off point then got lost, together with six other vehicles that never even made it to the drop-off point. Fortunately Glenda and I were in the group of a dozen or so who got dropped off and who walked what was more like 20 minutes up a steep trail to the picnic area.

While we waited and waited...and waited for the rest of the group to arrive, we enjoyed the spectacular scenery that lay before us. The expansive green grass was dotted with daisies and yellow buttercups. A small herd of goats, the bells around their necks clanging tunefully as they moved, grazed nearby with kids frolicking among them. Eagles soared in the blue sky above us. The hills rising up from the valleys below us were covered in a variety of trees, each a different shade of green. Beyond them, snow topped mountains rose majestically into the sky. We couldn’t help but sing the first few lines of ‘The Hills Are Alive’ ... we expected Julie Andrews to come running over the side of the hill any moment. It was a scene that will stay with us for a long time.

The rest of the group never made it to our meadow. They spent three hours driving up different dirt roads and ending up on different hilltops before eventually giving up and heading back to the conference venue. Once they had regrouped and found someone who knew the way to the meadow, they sent cars up to rescue us and bring us home. But we weren’t the ones lost. We were where we were supposed to be and spent three hours enjoying the sunshine, the clear mountain air and the stunning beauty of God’s creation. We didn’t want to leave. But we were hungry...and so we reluctantly got into the cars and headed back to camp, where we enjoyed what was to have been our BBQ picnic.

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