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Cyndy at the entrance to the park.

Gene with the Central Pacific Railroad locomotive JUPITER.

Cyndy with the Union Pacific locomitive 119.

Both locomotives where they met on 10 May 1869.

On Sunday we visited the Golden Spike National Historic Site, west of Ogdon Utah. This was where the east tracks being built by the Union Pacific Railroad met the west tracks being built by the Central Pacific Railroad. This marked the completion of the first continental railroad here in the states. This new section ran from Omaha Nebraska to Sacramento California. There was so much history involved in the railroads, we learned so much at this facility. Many Americans died to get the railroad finished from the East to the West. A way of life went by the wayside and this was the start of the end of the frontier style of life. Some of American history is not pretty and it saddened us at the cost to the Native Americans, the immigrants mainly Chinese and Irish, and natural resources lost such as the buffalo. The movie was informative, the rangers helpful, and the replicas of the railroad cars "Jupiter" and number "119" were amazing. There is a small fee to enjoy this interesting part of American history.

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