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On the road through So. Carolina

Honest...they weren't bad when they were new. The green car is parked...

That was Charlotte Memorial where Laura was Carolinas Medical Center

They've expanded it some!

Charlotte sure didn't look like this when I lived there!

My campsite.

Brought in from Japan for erosion, the Kudzu vine is overtaking the...

The checkout in my Augusta Park was 10 a.m...the earliest I have seen. Got out at 10:10. I like my coffee and news in the morning.

It was a short drive...less than 180 miles to the Charlotte/Fort Mill KOA but it periodically poured during the whole trip. It began as I started my engine...stopped when I got Hunter's food (which I keep in the basement in an ice chest). I don't know why the weather gods are so nice to me. I have assured them I haven't deserved special treatment, but I've sure been lucky on this trip dodging big trouble.

I lived in Charlotte briefly back in 1964-65 and had to find the little apartments we lived in. My oldest was born in Charlotte, so there are good memories here. Coincidentally, the apartments are on house in Atlanta was on Conway!

Nothing on the streets to my destination looked familiar, but I recognized the apartments immediately. Funny thing, though, they were no longer brand spanking new! And whoever owns them sure hasn't given them much attention. I had remembered the row being kinda cute. Nope. very bad memory: The complex was indeed brand new when we moved in and adjoined woods that hadn't been developed yet. Rats came to the apartments when the weather turned and they put out poison for them. One died inside my kitchen wall and they had to cut into the wall to retrieve it. Laura was 3 days old and it took several days for the smell to dissipate. Sorry about that. Wish I couldn't remember it either.

I am about 10 miles from Charlotte...but I'm on South Carolina soil here. This is a good KOA and great people. No concrete pads, but ample space, beautiful surroundings, good amenities. I've been to several nice KOAs on this trip.

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