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It was interesting this morning, to watch as the weekend campers prepared to leave and go home, many to resume working tomorrow.

Marilyn & I shared our morning coffee and then took a walk around the campground.

It was amazing, the different ways people enjoy their time camping. I have to assume that the one thing they share is a love for being outdoors. Not all, however, appear to love the outdoors.

While some folks try to keep their campsite neat and clean, others scatter trash, pieces of wood, bedrolls, sports equipment, bags of garbage, bicycles, and all sorts of kitchen stuff, lanterns, lawn chairs, and sometimes even a person, sleeping on the ground, wrapped up in a sleeping bag.

On a humid, 70 degree, morning, I wouldn’t think that would be too comfortable.

Some folks were sitting outdoors around a nice campfire, a cup of coffee in their hands, as the wonderful aroma of bacon frying over a wood fire wafted through the air.

Others walked to the bath-houses, in a sort of fatigued haze, appearing totally worn out, dirty clothing hanging on them, head down and speaking to no one.

Some walked toward their camp site, freshly showered, with a smile on their face, pleasantly nodding or greeting you with a cheery “Hello”.

Marilyn & I checked on the progress of the bird eggs in the rocks, where the mommy killdeer placed them. She wasn’t on the nest but appeared immediately as we walked close by. She chattered her warning while the male did his best to imitate a bird with a broken wing, to draw our attention away.

We hope the babies are hatched before we leave.

As we walked, we heard the sound of thunder and we quickened our pace a bit, to return to the RV.

The real fun was watching through our window as people who had slept in, were awakened by the thunder and the beginning of the rain. They scurried in every direction, tearing down the tents and throwing things into the car, truck or van. Several motorcycle campers were awake early and had things packed away on their bikes. We watched as they rode out of the campground just as the rain began.

It was fun to watch, but we remember those days quite well, when we wanted to stay as long as possible in the campground, but had to go to work the next day.

We hated to do it, but there were several times when we had to break camp in the rain. It was no fun!

It always seemed that the real work began when you arrived home. Things to unload, clothing to wash and tons of stuff to clean, fold or stow away until it was needed again. Food to store in the fridge or cupboard, dishes and other kitchenware needed to be cleaned and stored, coolers emptied, etc, etc, etc.

We never grew tired of going though, no matter how much work was involved.

Oh now, it is so much easier. We are always home and yet can enjoy the outdoors as much as we wish.

If it rains, so what! We don’t mind a day curled up with a good book.

The full-timing lifestyle! Life is Good!

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