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Glendo Lake is flooding

Our campsite. Glendo Lakeside RV Park

Buster playing in the lake

Buster 1

Buster looks so happy

Buster makes friends


buster is very happy

Buster's friends

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"I don't want to go home"

I feel like we are on our journey home even though we still have Denver, dinner with Mike and Laura, a night in Santa Fe, NM then home. I don't want to go! I could keep doing this for a few more weeks, maybe even months. Nothing to do but drive to our next stop, hike, walk, spend money (that's a big problem for me) see the countryside, and talk to people. We have met and talked to several individual from all over the world. I was helping some German folks say "laundry detergent" so that they could go buy some, in Sheridan. This morning a tour bus driver came over and helped Jim hook up the truck to the RV. He was from South Africa. Great part about it was that when we were driving down the highway, the bus he was driving (full of his tourists) came up next to us and he waved and smiled. We got such a kick out of it!

Today's drive was actually boring. Prairie and antelope. After a while it became redundant. During those times, I have been reading Laura Bush's new book. It is quite good and fascinating. There are some things that are explained that the media didn't tell us in the news. Or should I say only told us portions of the truth.

We get to Glendo Lake, set up and had lunch. I made chicken enchiladas. Mmmm...good. Then off to the lake.

The lake has flooded all the campsites and folks were parking anywhere they could. Thank goodness we are in an RV park on a hill.

Childhood memories came flooding back of camping and water skiing. We took Buster and what fun he had in the lake. He was smiling

and swimming and running

and playing fetch. He made two friends and the three of them were romping all over. Buster was like a puppy.

When we told him to get in the truck he started to bark as if he was saying, "I don't want to go home...I want to keep playing." We arrived back at the RV bathed him and now he is laying down, fast asleep. He is such an old man. {smile}

Well we are having popcorn, ice cream and watching Doctor Who.

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