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Tires worn in the inside showing steel belts

Lake Country Furniture

The old hideabed couch. Note the back.

See any money behind there?

This is tight. Maybe if you put the slide out?

Still not going to go out easily.

That a nice big empty space...

Ahhhhh... This is the life.

Went to Granbury, TX to pick up a loveseat recliner we ordered from Lake Country Furniture. Need a recliner to put our feet up, after all the doctor wants us to put our feet up for two hours a day to keep the swelling down…..we looked at each other and said “okay, we can do that”. Now we say we have to put our feet up, “doctor’s orders”. YEAH!

Had to have the RV inspected. Okay we can do this in one quick sweep, right? We scheduled a night at Bennett's Camping Center. They also do RV inspections. So simply get the RV inspected, pick up the love seat and be out of town by noon, right? WRONG!

Went to get the RV inspected. It would not pass, as the tires were showing their steel. Apparently the axles had the wrong camber and wearing out the tires. Okay, now what? Believe we’ll go get the love seat/recliner.

But wait, real close to the furniture store is a Discount Tire store. This is good. We have the bad tires on the RV switched with the spares (No Charge!!!). This gives us safe tires, now to pick up the love seat.

Went to pick up the recliner, and as the pictures show, had a rough time getting the old sofa bed out of the RV. Finally decided they must have built the RV around the sofa bed. They took measurements of the sofa bed, thought they would have to tear out the door frame, tipped it end over, upside down, squeezed, pushed, to get it out of the RV. Sue at one point asked if the back of the sofa bed came off, these being furniture people said no way, that is not how they make furniture. Finally they managed to get it out, one of them came back in just laughing and said “you have got to see this”. We went out and found out the back did indeed detach for easy in and easy out. Ok, we have the old sofa bed out and the new love seat in, now we’re ready to be on our way right, WRONG. We still have to get the RV inspected.

Went back to the inspection site for the inspection, we passed this time. The cost of the inspection, $15.00. Now we can get on the road again right? Well not so fast, have to find a repair facility that can fix the axles. This is going to be an expensive deal, we feel it coming.

Found an 18 wheeler repair facility, Tru-Trac, in Alvarado who could work on the axles. Thought it would just be an adjustment, but no, these axles come with the camber pre-adjusted. And of course, new axles will take several weeks for delivery, after all they were coming from northern Indiana. Stayed overnight at Rustic Creek Campground. Decided to go with new heavy duty (6000#) axles which are made in Dallas and should be ready in a week to 10 days. We decided to go to Livingston since its cheaper there and we can get our mail, and wait for the axles to be shipped. Received the call, axles are in, back to Alvarado for the repair axles at a price of over $2,000. And back to the tire store for two new tires at a price over $400. That does not count the loveseat recliner at a price of over $1,000. Good news however, the love seat came from Ferdinand, Indiana. Jobs for back home!! We are doing our part for the economy!!! Everything is working out just GREAT! Thank you Lord!

May 12th - Finally get away at 3:00 PM on our way to Myrtle Beach, SC. What was supposed to be a leisurely 5 day journey is now a three day run. Wednesday night we dry camped at a Cracker Barrel east of Tyler TX. Thursday night was at a Passport America park near Birmingham, AL.. Friday night was at Swamp Fox campground off I-95 near Florence, SC.

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