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Me and Marilyn before getting on the scenic flight

Coral Bay from the air!

Steph, Jenaya, Simon, Marilyn and Linda in the bar

Loads of fish where we were snorkelling!

My sand turtle, and you thought I wasnt atristic!

A coral bay sunset

More of the gang in the pub!

My underwater picture of a Manta Ray

Fish galore! ps my best underwater photo!

One more Manta!

Due to rain stopping play, I discovered reading, not only had I finishe one book that week but 2! The Da Vinci Code by dan Brown, PLEASE READ THIS of course if you havent already! I read it in 2 days, well there was not too much else to do!

The following day the weather got a bit better but still not enough visability to dive so I went out on a glass bottom boat. This was great fun and the guy who took us was really knowledgable about fish and coral and it gave me a good insight into what to expect on the dive! We got to do some snorkelling too and I saw a rainbow fish spawning, really rare!

So, I finally did get my dive and it was certainly worth it! I just wish I had pictures of the amazing fish I saw! Octopi, lion fish, and loads of reef sharks (harmless of course) I had 2 dives on the Ninggaloo reef, most people think this is much better than the Great Barrier reef and I can easily see why they say that! we saw so many fish and the dive was quite shallow so we could stay down nearly an hour for each dive! An excellent way to build up my confidence too!

To be honest I was areally pleased to leave Exmouth, five days was about enough especially with the rain! I just had a quick hop on and hop off to Coral bay, on the same peninsular and same reef but different atmosphere totally!

I checked into my hostel by 9.30 in the morning and met Simon who was in my dorm. Hes a really chatty and talkative guy and basically i met loads of people through him! Jenaya was another girl in the dorm who had some fascinating travelling stories and was about to head off to Africa (actually so is Simon) you never know..... may be my next trip! We did our washing which was not easy with only one washing line, no wind and a hostel full of people wanting to do their washing too as it had rained for 5 days here too! Simon and I wandered around the hostel trying to find balconies with a bit of sun!

That evening I met Marilyn from Birmingham and Steph who turned out to be a lab tech at a school!! we sat in the bar and chatted until late... Coral Bay was so muich more sociable!

The next morning I convinced Simon and Marilyn that they wanted to do a scenic flight, it was only $55 if 3 people went so we booked for the afternoon, they were easily swayed! Beforehand we went for a long snorkel round the bay and saw loads of parrot fish and even a blue spotted ray! The flight was pretty spectacular too, a full view of the reef and the little town of Coral Bay, emphasis on little here! we saw manta rays and turtles from the air... it was great! even though the pilot looked like he had only just got out of nappies! it was definately the smallest plane i have been on, 4 seats.. I suppose you could say my fear of flying is clearly a distant memory!

Marilyn and I booked to go on a Manta ray trip the following day too! Simon and Jenaya went on a trip to see the ellusive Whale sharks, the largest fish (up to 12 meters long!!!)in the sea but unfortunatelyu they didnt get to see one! (but i have heard that Jenaya went the next day after I had left and she finally got to see one) Marilyn and I were happy with out Manta ray which we did get to swim with for about half an hour, two of them actually! half way through they told us to get out of the water and then we went back in again... a bit confusing and it was only later on in the day they told us that a spotter plane had seen a tiger shark coming for a look at us... bit scary! we got 2 excellent snorkels too anmd a trip through the turtle sanctury.

That evening we went for a pub crawl round the 2 pubs well actually one pub one bar! in Coral bay and who was behind the bar? out pilot! multitasking I suppose!

The next morning I said bye to Steph and Jenaya, but Marilyn was coming my way so I would meet up with her again in Denham and Simon would be in Perth, he has said we can go and see the final Star Wars together in Perth!

I really enjoyed Coral Bay mainly for the people I met but also the lovely beach and the sea life!

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