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After our morning coffee we decided to go into town and have breakfast. Marilyn is very agitated and focused on the doctor issue, so she isn’t sleeping well and has no appetite.

At the restaurant she ordered an English muffin while I ate ham & eggs, hash browns, and whole wheat toast.

Once the breakfast was over we drove to Walmart to pick up a couple of things and then returned to the RV.

I was anxious to get a shower and dress for guiding tours in the Cave.

As I headed into the RV, I heard someone calling my name. It was Sherry, who runs the campground. She was with a man and woman who were having a problem with their fifth wheel trailer.

Investigation revealed that they had the trailer raised too high in the front as they tried to hook up. The pin of the trailer was sitting on top of the lock in the fifth wheel. The front jacks on the fifth wheel were totally inoperative in either direction.

To make a long story short, I pulled my bottle jack out of the storage bay and we managed to raise the trailer enough to take the weight off the locking clamps.

That allowed the clamps to open and then we lowered the trailer into position and he was soon properly hooked up.

We then were able to move the jacks a bit allowing the blocks to be removed. At this point they could manually raise the jacks and he was soon on the road.

These nice folks tried to give me $20 for my help, but I refused and put the money on the front seat of their truck after they refused to take it back.

Jennifer and the Grandkids were in the RV and things were more like controlled chaos than anything else.

I did get a shower and dressed to go to work as a guide in the cave.

After leading one tour with a group of school kids, I took off and returned to the RV.

By this time, Jennifer had gone home and Marilyn had her hands full with the two little ones.

It was a short time later when Colby fell sound asleep on his Papa’s lap, so I carried him up to the bedroom and he was down for his nap.

Marilyn & I dressed to attend the visitation for our friend, Bob, and were ready to go about the same time that Colby awakened from his nap.

We took the wee ones to the farm, left them with their Daddy, and took off. Jennifer followed us to town and then jumped into our Van with us, and we drove to Quincy, Il.

My, oh my! We saw so many long time friends at the funeral home. People we have known for years showed up to honor Bob.

We visited with friends and shared stories of our friend, Bob.

Many of our friends remembered Jennifer as well as our older daughter, Kelly.

It turned out to be a celebration of Bob’s life rather than a wake.

Somehow, I think Bob would approve.

After a stop for a bite to eat, and dropping Jennifer at her car, we drove back to the campground.

Wow! The campground was full and we had neighbors on each side of us.

We may take a walk tomorrow morning and if we do that, we’ll take a bunch of pictures to share with you.

So that is it for today.

I sure hope that our men and women serving in the finest military in the world are remembered and honored on this weekend.

May God bless and protect them, wherever they are.

It is because of these fine men and women in our military, that we can say with confidence, that…………Life is Good!

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