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With Jacqui and Trent in Lombok Indonesia

April 5/6 Lovina Beach Bali

Made it to Bali yesterday with no problems, the ferry left a few minutes after

we arrived and was very short.

The next day we set off for the volcano and were going though a town having got

a little bit lost when we were stopped by 2 policemen on motorbikes. Karen was

driving and it seems we went straight from a turning left lane, to make things

worse we hadn't got any of our documents with us. So first we followed him back

to his police box and then back to the police station. There we talked to

someone who spoke even worse English and next the boss arrived who spoke better

English. He said that we had to go to court in 2 (or maybe 20) weeks and they

would imprison the car. Anyway this all seemed to be a long winded way of

getting us to pay a deposit of 50,000Rp (about 3pounds). In all this took 2

hours so it was back to the hotel but we did decide to keep a copy of our

document in the car! It was raining most of the afternoon.

April 7/9 Ubud Bali

We had another go at the volcano today on the way to Ubud. We drove down into

the crater from the rim intending to visit the lake and come back up again. We

had taken a different road down and ending up driver round the whole crater on a

very vertically challenged road, I guess the earth moves a lot round there.

Eventually found the lake, had lunch and drove back up to the rim. It was now

raining very hard and the road down to Ubud is a continuous gentle downhill for

20kms. By now the road was a river we we did make it to Ubod.

It rained pretty much continuously for the next 2 days, we did try to get to the

coast but turned back as it was taking so long and there did seem much point

anyway. Karen did get some silver made including a necklace which was a copy of

the TR4 logo on the back of the car, very nice if anyone is interested we could

get a few made.

The boat to Darwin from East Timor left on the 25th so we had to get move on as

there are 4 ferries (29 hours total) and 1500kms still to go!

April 10 Lombok

Set off for the ferry this morning but when we got to the town we could find it

and people kept directing us away from the town, it turned out that David had

taken us to the wrong port! Again the ferry left soon after we arrived it was a

4 hour crossing. On the ferry we met Trent and Jacqui who are Kiwis who set off

from the UK over 12 months ago on 2 BMW 650 bikes. It was good to chat in fluent

English for a change!

April 11 Sumbawa

Short ferry crossing

April 13 Waiting for the ferry

8 months today since we left Newcastle, so far we have driven 20,000 miles.

Seems like ages ago we got on the Fjordline ferry to Bergen. I remember the day

now as we are waiting to board another ferry to take us to Flores. The port here

is grotty and the ferry looks like a pile of rusting junk. Our experience of

Indonesian ferries is they are filthy, probably very unsafe and of course the

Indonesians whose only English is "Hello mister". We were supposed to leave at

3-00 yesterday but the ferry was full. This one should have gone at 7-00 this

morning but arrived full (completely) with bananas and they are using 10 year

old kids to unload it! Best estimated is it will leave today sometime. The

journey takes 8 hours so we will be there very late.

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