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Poor Car!

Poor, Poor car!

Well the good luck just keeps coming!! Most of you have probably seen the news about the hail storm in Denver, CO on Wednesday (5/26). Well we got it here in Kimball, NE on Tuesday. Charley and his Mom were out running errands in our car (which we just got the end of December 2009) when it hit. It came in from the South and that was the direction the rear of the car was parked. Anyway the hail broke both windshields – cracked the front and punched holes in the rear – took out both rear view mirrors and broken rear lights and part of the rear hatch panels and of course the poor thing is dimpled all over. Heidi and I were in the trailer when it hit. It was so noisy hitting the roof that I had to put my hands over my ears and poor Heidi was trying to hide under my legs and I didn’t even hear the tornado sirens going off!. The trailer now has little holes all over the roof where the hail cracked the fiberglass, it broke the skylight and one of the vent covers, broke both the frig and A/C covers and broke some of the running light lenses. The truck got off fairly light; it has a cracked windshield and was dimpled. The adjusters will being looking at things on Friday so then we will know how much money we will have for repairs. So anyway it looks like we will be heading to Cheyenne, WY to get repairs done on the vehicles and the trailer. Unfortunately, it looks like the only way to repair the trailer roof is to put a couple of coats of rubber roofing paint on it. It would cost @ $1,900 to have the factory replace the roof – they would have to take the whole top off the trailer and make a new roof panel –lots of work and we would probably have to spend July in Kansas. Yuck! So our plans to go to Cascade, ID are on hold until we see what, where and how long it will take to get everything fixed!

On Thursday we had the graveside service for Barney, Charley’s Dad. About a dozen people attended. Most of their friends are already in that cemetery. The minister gave a very nice sermon. The weather was windy, overcast and cool so we didn’t stand around talking very long afterwards.

So that’s it for now. Still in Kimball and not sure where we go from here! Wherever we go, we will probably head out this coming Sunday or Monday.

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