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Sundown at Hermosa, South Dakota

Antelope at Custer State Park

Custer State Park

Wildlife Loop at Custer State Park

Creek at Cascade Falls, Hot Springs, SD

Columbian Mammoth, Mammoth Site, Hot Springs, SD

The Mammoth Site at Hot Springs, SD

Letha at Mammoth Site, Hot Springs, SD

Letha and Ida

Indian Points at Mammoth Site, Hot Springs, SD

Indian Points

Memo on Indian Points

Original entry to cave, Wind Cave NP, Hot Springs, SD

Bronze statue of President Grant, Rapid City, SD

Winding road near Hot Springs, SD

can you see the rattle snake?

Mom and babby buffalo

mallard duck

Prairie Dog

Turkeys at Custer State Park

Cascade Falls South Dakota

One day just wasn't enough to see everything so we stayed over. We tried the Wind Cave National Park but decided not to take the tour. Over 300 steps to climb to get to the mouth. My old legs just would not agree to it. Milton and Letha weren't too keen on going either. We did, however, walk to the origial opening of the cave. Although small we did feel the cool wind flowing from it. The other park, Jewel Cave, had over 700 steps so we didn't even bother to go there. Instead we went to The Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, SD. It was interesting. It's an actual dig site but the bones are too fragil to move. They covered the site and use the area for education and research. From there we drove the other side of Custer State Park. It offered the same kind of roads as the west side did except fewer one-lane tunnels. We found herds of buffalo. One herd was full of babies with their mothers. We saw more deer, turkeys and prairie dogs but no elk or goats. They are suppose to be there. Letha learned tonight that she took a good photo of a diamondback rattler and didn't know it until Milton found it tonight. So, one more animal to add to the list.

We ended the day with a trip to Rapid City to see Cabela's and the Presidential Walk. Rapid City placed bronze statues of each president on the down town street corners. All of them aren't there as yet but the ones there are very impressive. I gave out before Milton and Letha. While they finished the walk I enjoyed a Seattle's Best iced mocha latte with George Washington.

We're heading out tomorrow morning towards North Dakota. There's another trip to make near Rapid City before we go. Don't know when we'll have internet next but we will gather more photos to down load next time. Maybe by then I'll learn how to do them correctly.

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