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We slept with the blind open on my side of the bed, last night. When we awoke this morning, it seemed to be daylight outside so we just got out of bed to have our morning coffee.

As Marilyn prepared our coffee she glanced at the clock and exclaimed “It’s only 5:30!”


We sipped our coffee and talked about the mountains of Colorado. Marilyn says that the Mountains are calling her, and I have no doubt that is true.

Both of us have a serious case of “Hitch Itch”.

After our coffee was finished we set to work. We have items to keep in the Van, which will stay here, others go to the farm, like the bicycle and bike rack (No, you will not see me riding that bike in the mountains!), and some stuff remains to clean, sort and re-arrange for the trip to Colorado.

It never seems to be easy to get things ready for the road after we have stayed in one place for some length of time.

I cleaned out the truck bed, sorting those items which go with us, from those which stay here.

We now are mostly ready to go. I do have some things loaded in the truck, including the bike and bike rack.

The plan is to get those things unloaded at the farm today.

The Van is nearly ready for it’s hibernation while we are in the mountains.

We still have last minute chores to do, like airing up the tires and air ride systems, putting the Wii and TV in their assigned travel places, and storing the kids toys until we return.

The truck and the RV need to be washed one more time before we hit the road and we hope to get these jobs completed on Saturday.

Jennifer and the Grandkids were here today so we stayed busy playing and entertaining them, while Jennifer exercised and ran some errands before joining us for lunch.

I changed my work schedule for tomorrow, to allow us to attend the visitation for Bob. Saturday will be the day when we try to get caught up with the preparations for getting back on the road.

It is a very busy time for us, but soon we will be in the mountains, relaxing beside a campfire, with a glass of wine.

Life is Good!

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