Adios Amigos 2010 travel blog

Lunch on the boat

Walking in the Amazon

A Ginger Plant

View from the tower platform

4.30am Wake Up Call for Animal watching

Familia de birds

Roy and Becs Fishing

Pirahna Fishing

The Amazon

Leaving the Lodge

The last two nights we have been staying in the Amazon and have had a fabulous time. The bush is very lush and dense. The Amazon River itself is a fast moving and mud coloured. We stayed in a gorgeous lodge where we ate amazing food and were treated like royalty. On the boat coming to the lodge we were given a lunch of a rice mixture served in a banana leave.The main businesses in the area are gold mining,Brazil nuts and tourism.Alot of people still live very simply and traditionally in the jungle.But there is a town in the area that has 45 000 people and has schools and a university. The town is fairly new. We did lots of jungle walks and boat trips to see monkeys,lots of really bright coloured birds and fishing for piranha. To be able to go fishing for piranha we had to get up at 4.30am...which wasn't so bad when you got to have a siesta in the afternoon. It was great to talk to the guides and hear about how they live. The staff at the lodge weren't so happy though when the guys played and bet them in football!!! Today we are in Cusco but are heading for the sacred valley and off to walk the Inca trail the next day.

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