John and Janet 2010 Midwest Trip travel blog

Here we are in Breezy Point, MN. Tomorrow we are getting our voter registration cards. If we are going to live here, we might as well vote!

As we leave the campground, our check engine light comes on. We go to breakfast and then to Whitefish Automotive in Cross Lake. We are waiting for Craig as he shows up to work. I can‘t say he is happy to see our RV.

To Craig - Hopefully, you are reading this. Thanks for all your help! I told you I was mentioning you by name and we are still going to recommend you to all of our friends in New Jersey!

We spend another day at Craig’s as we try to diagnose the problem. We have concluded that it is a computer glitch or a loose wire glitch. We could get the computer reprogrammed but we would have to do that in Brainerd. Brainerd is in the wrong direction and their first appointment is tomorrow afternoon. We can ignore the light without reprogramming the computer.

Interesting side note: We have read every magazine in Craig’s waiting room. As I sit blurry-eyed, I notice the cover of a Saturday Evening Post. It shows a moving van in the background. On the side of the van is Absecon, NJ! I am not kidding and I do not quite know what this means. Think about it. A moving van from Absecon, NJ. Truthfully, I do not think I can handle the Minnesota winters!

We call the campground to let them know we are staying another night. We have been here seven nights. They only charge us for five. Nice people. In fact, everyone has been wonderful here. Everyone keeps wishing us well and sending us on our way. We promise, tomorrow we are really leaving!

Campground: Highview Campground & RV Park

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