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As Marilyn & I sat together this morning, with our morning coffee, I decided to read the blogs of our friends. I usually read them aloud to Marilyn as both of us have such an interest in where our friends are, and the adventures they are experiencing.

I clicked first on the e-mail just to see if we had any important messages.

The first e-mail informed us that our friend, Bob, passed away yesterday afternoon at 1:00 PM.

Bob was a fine man, who dedicated his entire life to serving God. He often spoke of becoming a Brother in the Church.

We shared many weekend retreats working on the teams for a TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) or a Cursillo (Similar to a TEC but is for Adults).

Bob had a stutter when he spoke, and lived with that all of his life. One of the amazing things was that he was gifted with a fine singing voice, and he sang like an angel, without the slightest hint of any stutter.

Bob was a Communion minister in the church and took communion to people who were unable to get out and attend church. He spent many an hour talking with folks who just needed someone to listen.

He touched the lives of so many people, young and old. I never heard him, even once, criticize or speak ill of anyone.

He counseled many people for problems they might have had in their lives, and was never too busy to take the time to listen.

He was a bachelor, never married, but had a great appreciation of marriage and often commented about how lucky we were to have found a soul-mate to share our lives with.

Bob was a fine cook and we ate many a good meal at his home. He preferred to cook for a group rather than for only one person, and often shared meals with small groups of friends.

He loved music and had a wonderful sound system in his finished basement.

We spent many an evening sitting down there with music playing loud enough to make us raise our voices just to be heard.

Bob supplied drinks, snacks, music, and wonderful conversation.

Bob was one of the people we felt most comfortable with after our daughter, Kelly, was killed. He knew both of our daughters, and he listened patiently to us as we tried to express our feelings at that time.

When we cried, he cried with us.

He said many prayers for us during that terrible period in our lives.

Bob will be missed by all who knew him.

I think maybe that the music up in heaven may sound a little sweeter today, because Bob is in the Choir.

So long dear friend. We will meet again some day.

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