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eitna, jerry (aka bill), and julie

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bobb's last pint in ireland

julie's last pint in ireland

bye bye

So as we reported, last night we had planned to return to the B&B and get some sleep because of our traveling all day tomorrow. HOWEVER, never makes plans in Ireland. We got back there and met Jerry as we were coming in the front door. He was hanging out with a couple of other guests. Before we even knew what hit us we around the kitchen table drinking wine and Guiness with him, his wife Eitna, and his buddy George (a very wealthy blue-collar type) while their 24-year old deaf terrier looked on!

George and Jerry have been friends since the 60s and were telling us all kinds of stories. We felt just like we were at Linda Gay’s or Loretta’s or the Armstrong’s. Jerry was telling us all kinds of jokes, and playing music and Eitna was sitting around in her robe, and then mopping the floor in between slamming down Heinekens! We got the full tour of the place including the MAJOR party deck that included a full service bar and a pool table out back that Jerry had built. He said that Eitna always had to offer people tea and coffee when they got to their B&B but he figured it was a better idea to offer them a cold one on the deck! He also had a major greenhouse that he had built where he grows all the flowers and vegetables to use in the B&B.

They were really cool people and so down to earth. Jerry knew more about Civil War history than we did! George was widowed not too long ago so now he shows up for some home-cooking at Eitna and Jerry’s quite often. He was smart and got out early (about midnight). I finally went to bed around 1 and the last thing I heard was Jerry and Bobb out in the kitchen laughing about something...after their fifth pint of Guinness. Bobb said that Jerry had to turn the lights out on him finally! Too bad we couldn’t stay here another night; however, maybe it’s good we couldn’t!

So this morning we headed out to the airport. A bit of a trauma figuring out where the rental car place was but we finally made it to the pub in the airport for our last pint. It was a sports bar where everyone was watching darts on TV!! It was another crazy thing to see. People were cheering and yelling - - I guess it was the national dart championship, and get this (Janet and Randy)…the dude that won was throwing nine-dart outs for 501!!! It was a hoot.

All and all, this was such a great trip. We hate to leave such a beautiful and friendly place. We decided that if we could come back that we would stay at least two nights in every place we were and also stay for at least 3 more days. We loved all of the people we met and hope that our paths may cross again. Doolin and Galway were probably our favorite places – Doolin for its remoteness and music, and Galway for the music, people, and atmosphere of the city.

Here’s some crazy phrases from Ireland. See if you can figure them out:

Traffic calming


Phone top-up

Tidy town

Take away

Car park

Tool hire

Feck Off



Top of the day to all of ya!

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