Hillery Ultimate Pub Crawl 2010 travel blog

rock of cashel

rock of cashel - inside w/ choir group

cemetery outside rock of cashel

abbey ruins in cashel

kilkenny scene

streeet in kilkenny

kilkenny castle

kilkenny street scene

witch's party house in kilkenny

interesting shopping in kilkenny

This morning we are on the road so that we can get closer to the airport in Dublin for our flight out tomorrow. We decided to stop to see the Rock of Cashel and a few other sites along the way. The Rock of Cashel contains mostly remnants from the 12th and 13th centuries today and is reputed to be the site of the conversion of the King of Munster by St. Patrick in the 5th century. The tower was built in the 1100! It is one of the most remarkable collections of Celtic art and medieval architecture to be found anywhere in Europe. While we were there looking around and taking pictures a choir of high school kids came in and starting singing. They were unbelievable and to hear those songs in the ruins gave all of us chills. Honestly it sounded like angels singing. It was one of those unexpected things that happens that just stops you in your tracks. (Actually this is the third time we have had this happen – once in NYC, once in Rome, and now this..maybe somebody is trying to tell us something!)

After looking around Cashel, we headed to Kilkenny, a town known for its medieval feel. It was a typical European town with a lot of passageways and narrow streets. We stopped in the Kyteler’s Pub which was the site of much partying in the 14th Century. The bar dates back to 1324! Here’s the short story: Dame Alice Kytler was accused of poisoning four husbands and of being a witch and running a brothel. She was sentenced to burn at the stake and fled to England to escape. Her maid didn’t get out and took the “heat”! Here’s my translation: Dame Alice Kytler was a cute babe who had money and liked to party. She was able to attract a lot of rich men because of that…they couldn’t keep up with all the parties and each died from too much of a good time. All the other girls in town were jealous of her looks and money so they trumped up a bunch of business against her to get rid of the competition! Sounds like things haven’t changed much in 8 centuries, right? Anyway, Kilkenny was a cool town but we had to move on after lunch and a few pints.

Onward to Malahide (Dublin suburb). We booked a B&B called Castle House that we saw online. Hopefully it will be OK. It’s supposedly 10 minutes from the airport so it works in that regard.

Malahide is an upscale town right on the water. As we were coming into town in four lanes of traffic, we saw a sulky sitting on the sidewalk ready to trot right along on the roaed with the traffic!! I'm telling you these people are crazy! I know he had been out there by the "evidence" on the road! Our host later told us that it's common to see them in traffic three wide running the horses!

I hate to say it but one of the most exciting things that was in Malhide was a STARBUCKS!!! I know that sounds so bad but honestly we have not had a decent cup of coffee since we left the States. Irish aren’t exactly known for good coffee except for the kind that has Bailey's in it! We stopped in there to upload our blog, had a cup of coffee and went to our B&B. We met Eitna our hostess and then went back into town for dinner.

We were burned out on seafood and pub food so we went to a great Italian restaurant (owned by “real” Italians) and had a bottle of wine and a big fat pizza and pasta to celebrate our last night in Ireland. We planned to go home and hit the hay early since we have 10 hours of traveling tomorrow……See tomorrow’s blog for how that plan went!

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