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Wed 19th

Well when we first got up the sun was out and I thought we were going to be lucky and have a good day. Well when we finished breakfast and started out to the MH it started to pour and it rained until we got to the resort. I am so glad that we did most of the trip yesterday because with all this rain it would of felt like forever before we would of gotten here. Got set up and then walked down to the beach. Very windy and still having showers. Got some good pics of the ocean. Went back to camp got our swim suits and headed for the INDOOR pool. I can't believe on how cold it is here. They say they usually are having around 75 to 80 by now. Of course were here that's why it is so cool. Hopefully it will be nicer tomorrow.

Thurs 20th

Woke to rain it stopped around 11am so we headed for Newport a middle size town. It looks like a harbor town. We stopped at the one light house and then traveled down the road to another one. This one we went through. They have refurbished it and the light house keeper and his family actually lived there. We left there and went in search of a restaurant called Mo's. It is suppose to be the best seafood restaurant in the area. Of course when we found it which we should of guessed it was on the waterfront. Rick had the seafood stew and I chickened out so I had chicken!! Left there and went back to camp to get ready to leave tomorrow. Did laundry and of course it has started to rain again. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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