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Early morning birds

Sheer wall with birds' nests

A mole-like creature that inhabits an abandoned termite mound.

The termite mound. Often snakes live in abandoned mounds that are over...

Looking out.

Daniel sets up the morning snack.

A magnificant tree.

The bark of the tree.

A one horned impala

Erosion that looks like the badlands

We encountered a pride of lions

Two lions


Into the shade

A female

The male

They mated 4 times in a 15 minute period.

The female rolls on her back afterwards

The male rests


Shadow of boat during afternoon game drive on the Zambezi River.

A huge flock of birds rose in the sky at sunset.

Last African Sunset

Chiawa Camp, Zambia, Monday, May 10, 2010

Our last day was punctuated by a stomach upset for Anne. She rested in bed all day. The camp was nearly empty with only one other guest. After a sunrise breakfast, Tom went on a private morning game drive at 6:30AM. Daniel tracked a pride of lions to the nearby Chiawa River bed which is now dry. There were 4 females and a male. The pictures are incredible and include mating. A herd of elephants who thought they owned the river bed, disrupted the pride and drove them off. Tom documented this interaction in nature via a movie which will be posted on YouTube later this month along with the other movies he has made during this incredible adventure. You can go to YouTube and search for tbbeqa to find all of his videos.

Just before the 4PM boat tour, Tom was introduced a finger weaver, Starfred, who demonstrated his craft and welcomed Tom to make a video of him as he worked. Dinner was an intimate gathering of the three guests (Anne was still ill) and the managers of the camp (Steve & Lynn) aboard the pontoon boat. This was a memorable way to end a wonderful stay at Chiawa Camp.

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