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Doris and Dee







The A/C ran all night last night and we slept quite well.

We were awake and sipping our coffee by 6:00 this morning.

Once the coffee was finished off, we got busy, with Marilyn cleaning the house while I carried the trash to the dumpster and set up the patio area.

With showers done, we were ready for company by 9:00.

Jim & Dee, along with Dee’s sister, Doris, arrived first, followed by Ken & Cindy a bit later.

After exchanging hugs, we all sat on the patio enjoying the lively chatter of friends who haven’t seen one another for awhile.

Actually today was the first time we had met Jim & Dee, although all of us attended the RV-Dreams rally in Branson in June, 2008.

Dee’s sister, Doris is now a new friend and fits right in to the RV friends category.

Ken & Cindy are new friends we met last Saturday.

The whole point I am making here is that it makes no difference that these good people are new friends. The conversation flowed easily. We were all relaxed and just happy to be sharing this wonderful day in each other’s company.

It was lunch time before we realized it and we drove into town to have lunch.

The plan was to have lunch at “Ole Planters”, but I managed to keep my reputation intact, for taking friends to restaurants which are closed.

Our second choice was good and we ended up at “Lulu Belle’s” which was a Bordello in the old days.

The food was good and we returned to the Campground in time for me to give our guests a private tour of the Cave.

They all seemed to enjoy the tour and we returned to the patio at our RV, to sit and continue our visit.

We hated to see these new friends leave, and look forward to seeing them again.

Jennifer and the two Grandkids arrived soon after our company left.

Jen left to attend her workout while Marilyn & I played with the little ones.

Later, I grilled some pork, adding our favorite BBQ sauce at the end.

Marilyn provided baked potatoes and sautéed veggies and we had a nice meal.

Jennifer left a bit after 7:00 PM, which was a signal for Marilyn & I to relax for awhile, watching “Dancing With The Stars“..

We will baby-sit again tomorrow so we intend to get a good night of sleep tonight.

We don’t have a lot of time left here before we leave for Colorado, and we have much remaining to do. We will get it done and we look forward to our journey.

Life is Good!

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