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So, what the heck is “Hitch Itch”?

How do you get it?

Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

What does it feel like?

Is there a cure for it?

RV’ers, especially Full-Time RV’ers, recognize Hitch Itch quite well.

Marilyn & I first heard that term being used, after we retired and became Full-Timers.

Hitch Itch may mean different things to different people, but for us, it is simply a yearning to move on down the road. It may be a feeling of anxiety, an “itch” to hook up the RV and move to a new location.

We didn’t know it, but we have had “Hitch Itch” many times, even before we retired and joined this lifestyle.

Back when we were in the “Working World”, we used to spend hours over our morning coffee, planning a vacation trip, the route we would take, things we would see, places we might stay overnight, etc, etc.

We experienced that yearning to get going, to get out there, to stop planning and start doing!

As the day for our departure on a vacation neared, the excitement built and we felt as if we just couldn’t wait to get “on the road”.

That was “Hitch Itch”!

Non-RV folks may not have recognized that term but they probably know the feeling associated with it, and probably have experienced it themselves.

The only known cure for “Hitch Itch” is to get going!

Back in the working world, we had only two or three weeks per year to scratch that itch. We took many wonderful vacations during the time our daughters were growing up. Sometimes these trips were shared with family and sometimes friends joined us for a cross-country trip. It was all wonderful!

Now that we are Full-Time RV’ers, we still experience “Hitch Itch” once in a while. Usually we notice this feeling after we have been somewhere for some length of time.

Even when we are in places we love to be in, after a while we start yearning to move on. “Hitch Itch” sets in and we begin to anticipate and look forward to our departure date.

It happens to us when we are in the RGV for the winter, among wonderful friends, and enjoying a wonderful winter doing interesting and enjoyable things. It happens to us after being in the mountains for several months in the summer. We love the mountains, but after while, that urge to move on, compels us to begin looking at maps, search out campgrounds, and read about interesting places we might visit along the way.

People might think that we “Just can’t be Happy anywhere!”

That is not correct!

We are happy nearly everywhere we go!

We simply feel that need to see what is around the next bend in the road. We are so blessed to be living a life where we are not tied down to one place.

In answer to the questions I posed at the beginning of this journal entry, I suggest these answers:

I have explained to the best of my limited ability, what “Hitch Itch” is, and how it happens.

We think that “Hitch Itch” is a Good thing, because the excitement in planning and then anticipating your next move, is a very enjoyable experience.

I have tried to answer the last two questions as well.

It would be interesting to hear the opinions of our readers about this subject, so feel free to write a message.

For us, at this time, we are looking forward to heading west toward the mountains.

Aaah, “Hitch Itch”! We love it!

We love our lifestyle, as it keeps us constantly aware that…………

Life is Good!

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