Lin's China Travels 2005/2006 travel blog

A shop selling only buttons.

Can you possibly imagine so many buttons. And this is just one...

Bra cups. Want to make bathers anyone?

More buttons.

Sewing threads.

A whole shop filled with threads.

It just goes on and on.

Crocheted jewellery and other knick knacks.

More bra cups. Not very big, and very padded, of course.

A cat enjoying a sleep, with her kittens in the next box.

Andy and Barb, at Lucy's.

Place mat, at the table.... eat your heart out Doug!!

Looking around the restaurant.

Beautiful old church in Shamian.

Andy and Barb, heading for the Metro station.

On our way home by bus, workers doing a sprint clean. Rather...

On the way out of Guangzhou.

The front of the hospital.

Roads tower over each other, level on level.

Shunting yard, near Guangzhou's main train station.

Shipping containeras in the shunting yard.

Almost missed him, but one of the more eye-catching sights on a...

Storm clouds over the mountain in Zhaoqing. Hills are completely obliterated.

No power this morning, so had to boil water in saucepan over gas hob. Barb up early 4 45 am too hot (air conditioner not working) and mosquitoes. Everyone else up at 6 15 am. Yes, did say everyone.

Planning a day trip to Guangzhou. Lin wants to get an electric sewing machine. Taxi to train station to get 7 45 am train that goes Sanya to Beijing and stops enroute. Only takes 1 hours 20 minutes. All seats sold. Next train 9 45 am with standing only. Decided to go to the bus station.

Took taxi to bus station with teacher from Lin's college who teaches Stomatology (study of mouth) who we had just met for first time while we were trying to book tickets. Managed to catch 8 20 am bus to arrive in Guangzhou by 10 20 am. Bus tickets 48y each. Then a metro train and had to change to another line once. Tickets are purchased by machine and you get a plastic token to put in at gates. Three tickets cost 9y. Arrived at about 11 20 am.

The walk to the sewing machine shop took longer than expected 40 min in hot humid conditions. The array of shops was amazing with stalls with teas, dried fish, mushrooms etc. Any vacant ground was used for drying or working on produce. Enormous amounts of sea horses were laid out or in piles, just so unbelievable and all a delight for the eyes. On the way Barb and Andy purchased a backpack to use for taking a few bits home.

Walking further on we came across a street with one item, then another street with different items. There was a whole street of cords and ribbons, then another street with buttons and threads and another with glass beads. It was a delight and could have spent all day there but we were on a mission for a sewing machine so we did not browse.

Met couple from Hong Kong with great English, visiting for day, who eventually managed to get some directions for us on the map. We had another 5 minutes walk to go. We found the first shop of sewing machines. While Lin looked Barb walked a block but all the rest of the shops were selling industrial sewing machines.

The lady had 2 brands of machine. One small sewing machine and one bigger machine called Feiyue. The new model was unboxed a FY2330. Lin tested out the machine to see how it worked and how you selected the different stitches. Lady wanted 700y. Lin slowly got her to 680 y. Barb mentioned perhaps she could put in extra bobbins and another packet of needles for price and she agreed.

Took taxi to Lucy's in Shamian. Another place we visited 4 years ago, it is very nice on the Pearl River and the architecture is very different. Decided to have a substantial lunch and had their all day breakfast which consisted of 2 eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, 2 slices toast, fresh squeezed orange juice and either tea/coffee or hot chocolate. Bit expensive at 60 y each but really so nice and our first meal like this in 4 weeks.

After being refreshed and vitalised we walked the couple of streets to train station. The 3 15 train we planned to catch was full up and next train was not until after 6 ish. So walked a mammoth walk to the bus station where there was a lot of confusion as to where to buy our bus tickets but eventually we got tickets at 46 y (do not ask why departing or returning has different prices, not sure yet why. Bus departed at 3 20 pm but had a long trip and got back in 3 hours instead of 2hours. Road works and really busy.

Decided on quick meal, so had KFC. We met Sophie, English teacher from other college who had dinner with us.

On returning home had power constantly cutting out, at least 5 or 6 times. It cut out 3 times while Lin was talking to Frankle to tell him how bad it was. He arranged for someone to call tomorrow am. Frankle said to go to cinema if it kept cutting out - cheeky fellow.

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