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Mary, Betty, Bev and Aunt Betty

Aunt Batty, Marilyn, Jennifer, Uncle Bill and Mary

Mary, Uncle Bill, John, and Jana

Colby and Kourtney

Both of us slept poorly last night, and we felt tired and worn out all day today.

We sipped our morning coffee through bleary eyes, and then began getting ready for a trip to visit relatives in Kahoka.

Last night when we returned from Quincy, we noticed a tent set up near our site. There was no vehicle present when we arrived at home but we heard a motorcycle arrive later.

This morning we noticed that it was indeed a motorcycle and the riders had a tent and the assorted camping gear scattered around on their site.

We watched as they broke camp this morning. We were interested in how they carried all of that stuff on a motorcycle, with no trailer.

They managed to pack up a lantern, kitchen stuff, a tent, at least four blankets, two sleeping pads, a ground cloth, and other assorted stuff.

It all went into the small bags attached to the rear of the bike. Amazing!

We left to meet Jennifer and then we drove in two cars, with Marilyn riding with Jennifer and the two kids.

Our first stop was at the home of my aunt and uncle, who are wonderful people. Next we picked up my cousin, Bev, and then drove to another cousin’s home, where my cousin, Mary was waiting, along with her brother, John and his wife, Betty.

When we arrived at the Catfish Place, another cousin was waiting for us. Jana and her daughter, Kourtney, had surprised us by driving down from their home in Iowa.

What a wonderful gathering of family!

Lots of hugs, big smiles, and everyone talking at once. Of course they all ooohed and aaaahed over the Grandkids.

Over the delicious buffet dinner of Catfish, shrimp, fried chicken, BBQ chicken, and several other meats, many vegetables, and a dessert bar with warm cobblers and ice cream, the family talked and laughed, with everyone obviously enjoying the company of the others.

This is the kind of family we grew up with. Everyone loving the company of the others, with constant laughter and fun!

Now THAT is what Family is all about!

Everyone hated to break up the fun so we sat outdoors talking for quite awhile after our meal. It was warm but shady and a nice breeze blew all day keeping things pretty comfortable.

We finally had to go, so we dropped relatives off at their homes and then made one more stop.

There is a great ice cream store in Kahoka and their specialty is home made Lemon Ice Cream. Awesome!

I bought ice cream for all who wanted some, including me, and some soft drinks for Jen and Marilyn.

Once again, Marilyn rode with Jennifer and I listened to the ball game on the radio, to stay awake.

Back at the RV, Marilyn & I changed into our “Comfy Clothing” and settled in to relax for the evening.

Marilyn promised some popcorn for dinner as neither of us is hungry.

We hope for a good night of sleep tonight.

Life is Good!

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