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Boone RV Park - Club House

Betty Ray, Bert, Ethel, Larry, Phyllis & Ann

Bea Mumm

Bruce, Ethel and Donette

Bert, June, Bruce, Pat, Betty and Ann

Business Meeting - Marilyn, Betty Ray and Ethel

Hancock Springs Park - Golf Course

Hancock Springs Park - Sulphur Creek

Hancock Springs Park - Donette, Stuart, Bruce & Ethel

Hancock Springs Park - Glenda, Stuart, Ethel & Bruce

Hancock Springs Park

Hancock Springs Park - Pedestrian Suspension Bridge

Hancock Springs Park - Hostess House of Hancock Springs

Jeanette, Stuart, Donette, Duane & Bert

Jeanette, Donette and Duane

Visitor Dyson Campbell , his dog Cory, and Bruce

Visitor Phyllis & Ethel in Phyllis' Motorhome


This morning I had a couple of errands to run before heading to Lampasas for our Cen-Tex LoW Campout. On the way out, I stopped at the park office to tell them about a dead squirrel in the site next to mine. The stench was horrific! Bob, one of the backup park managers, said that he would take care of it.

First, I went to Factory Mattress Sales to pick up my new mattress. I hope it will give my back better support. It appears to be a good one. Then, I went to the Salvation Army donation center to drop off the foam mattress and pad, as well as a few other small things. Finally, I was on my way.

I arrived at Boone RV Park on US 281 at the south edge of Lampasas around 2:30 or so. The owners had made some major changes to the park, with a new office, store and propane station. They are such nice people! Nearly all of the RV sites in the section where we stayed are under large trees and the sites are laid out in such a way as to avoid having to take out any of the trees. Their restrooms are immaculate. All too many RV parks are laid out in long straight rows. (

We sat under the trees until nearly time for dinner because it was cool and very pleasant.

Tonight we had our usual potluck dinner. We were very pleased to welcome two visitors, Dyson Campbell and Phyllis Baczcurski. Both have decided to join our chapter. Yeah!!! Dyson joked that he is doubly rich because of the Dyson vacuum cleaners and Campbell soup. He isn’t actually connected to either company, though.


Late this morning several of us walked to the nearby Hancock Springs Park. It wasn’t quite so pretty as usual but was still nice. They are building a new retaining wall so the water level had been lowered. There was still enough water for the ducks and geese, though. I hadn’t applied sunscreen so, of course, I got a little sunburn. Grrr!

When lunch time was drawing near, we decided to go to the nearby Dairy Queen, which is at the edge of Hancock Springs Park. We couldn’t take the regular pedestrian bridge to that side of the park because it was under maintenance. We had to take the highway bridge; it has wide sidewalks, so the walk was easy and safe enough.

The smaller Pedestrian Suspension Bridge was decorated for the promenade for the high school prom tonight. This bridge was inspired by a bridge near this location at the turn of the 20th century. It was dedicated in 1976 to the citizens of the Lampasas community in commemoration of the American Bicentennial.

We had dinner tonight at Giovani's Italian Restaurant. The food and service were very good. When our waiter introduced himself as our server, I jokingly asked him if he would be giving us good service and he said, "No. Excellent." He lived up to his promise.


Today for lunch most of us walked across the highway to the Sweet Pickle Deli. The food was good and abundant.

The weather today was hotter and more windy than yesterday, so I didn’t venture out to the park this time. I stayed indoors and played Mexican Train and Rummikub. Phyllis taught Jeanette and me the official rules of the game. We both had been taught by people who either didn’t know the official rules or had chosen to ignore them. It was fun either way.

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