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Campfire breakfast

6 AM!

Anne gets ready to go on her game drive

Elephant in the road

It is fall in Zambia and many of the trees are bare

Tree bark


Sloshing in the water

A herd

Two trees

On the way to the walk - a washed out bridge. So...


An army of ants

Dung beetle

Maximum use of extension tubes


There were many butterflies

and dragonflies






A frog



More bitterflies

Harvester termite with a blade of grass bigger than itself


Another dragonfly


Transparent wings

Roadblock on the way back


Really close

Lunch on the boat

Those elephants dominated the road again as we headed off for the...



A muddy buffalo

Caught in flight

The badlands - erosion



Dinner on the boat

Chiawa Camp, Zambia, Sunday, May 9, 2010

A very early call, sleeping (mostly) through elephant and hippo noise all night brought us to a campfire continental breakfast. Tom decided to go on a walking safari, and Anne went on a game drive. No lions this morning, but Cape Buffalo were abundant as well as elephants and birds and warthogs. A delicious coffee break in the shade of a tree brought us to a drive back to the lodge where we encountered, on the way, an enormous herd of buffalo including babies. But the best part was never recorded because it happened so suddenly and fast - a real YouTube moment - when a lone buffalo saw us and decided to walk off and around a bush only to confront a huge elephant on the other side. He screeched to a stop and ran back the other way - it was hysterically funny.

Tom had a great time with his macro imaging equipment. A beautiful dragonfly posed for him as he adjusted exposure and focus to capture a stunning image. He also made movies of the harvester termites as they dragged pieces of grass twice as large as themselves into their lair that is many feet underground. The area of this infestation is bare ground and Tom asked how their work fit into the balance of nature. Simply put, they create aeration that aids the drainage when the rains fall in deluges. However, you would not want them in your front lawn!

We had lunch on the pontoon boat followed by a siesta. It is entirely too hot between noon and four to go out in the sun.

We ended the day with a night drive followed by a wonderful dinner.

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