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In spite of the fact that Marilyn & I could have slept in for awhile this morning, we were up by 6:00 AM. We had a very busy day planned.

After our morning coffee we began getting the house in order. I made the bed while Marilyn did dishes and began working on the inside of the house.

I went outdoors and began moving things around to make all of the seats in our Van available.

We will need the seats for relatives to ride with us to the Catfish place on Sunday morning.

Marilyn & I were both scheduled to get our hair cut, so we headed into town shortly after 8:00.

With newly shorn hair, our next stop was Walmart. Marilyn took our list and went inside while I filled the Van with fuel, before joining her.

We shopped for our groceries and a few other needed items, carried things out to the car, and then made another stop to wash the car.

Back at home with the car looking pretty good, we unloaded groceries and put things away.

Marilyn worked on her hair while I cleaned the inside of the car and waxed part of the outside. My plan was to wax the entire car but I ran out of steam as the humidity rose to an uncomfortable level.

While I was working outdoors, a car pulled up and I recognized two young friends from a year or so ago.

Don & Jeanie sat on the patio and visited for awhile. Both of them look good and it was nice to see them again.

After they left I put the lawn furniture away and did a bit more work on the car.

That car still looks pretty good for a 12 year old car with more than 105,000 miles on it. I may have to post a picture of it for you.

It still gets over 20 mpg and everything works as it should. (Can you see me knocking on wood?)

Marilyn fixed baked beans to take to a cookout in Quincy, IL this afternoon.

We finally turned the A/C on to cool things down inside the RV.

We decided to leave a bit early today to stop at the hospital to see an old friend who has liver cancer and was told that he has only a few weeks left. So sad! What a good man! Bob touched so many lives and we were close when we lived here.

We have many wonderful memories of good times spent in the company of our friend, Bob. We are glad we stopped to see him. We spoke of old times and parted with hugs and kisses. We realize that we may never see this good man again.

We humbly ask that you include Bob in your prayers.

Marilyn & I feel that we have so much to do before we leave here and head to Colorado, but it will get done as our focus slowly shifts back to the RV lifestyle.

I haven’t forgotten the journal entry I am planning to write, about “Hitch Itch”. I have been giving it some thought and I discuss it with Marilyn over morning coffee.

Our get-together today, with friends, Norb & Maggie, at the home of new friends, Ken and Cindy, was great. The conversation was easy and relaxed, the food was delicious, and the atmosphere was fun. We had a wonderful time and were glad to meet these new friends.

It is pretty late now, and we have a full day tomorrow, so I must wrap this up.

Another good day goes into the memory bank.

Life is Good!

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