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Joel Teaching


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Small Group Time after Worship

Friday is a long day for the youth leaders at Immanuel Church. Friday is the day for Underground. It is a cool, relaxed evening at the church for high school aged students . . . though I think what I would call high school they call college, which is different from university. Joel picked me up and we headed to a local coffee hang-out with good chai tea lattes and plenty of places to sit and study or just talk. We were mostly doing the latter, though . . . well, you probably know me.

Joel needed time to prepare his Bible teaching for Friday night. He was addressing sex with the students and wanted to make sure that he gave them a clear picture of what the Bible says. I actually used the time to do some classroom preparation. I'm teaching a summer school youth ministry class almost as soon as I get home.

I did take some time to book a flight from Copenhagen to Bonn. Yes, I like to travel by train. Yes, that was my plan. But, it is about a 10 hour train trip and about a one hour flight and the price is pretty much the same. So, staying one extra night with the Sjovalls.

Underground was a trip. They typically have food prepared by some parents, but the plan fell apart. So, we sent out for falafal. Apparently, this Lebanese vegetarian burrito is pretty much a staple for Malmo students. Cheap. Fairly nutritious. Very tasty. They loaded mine up with feta cheese, so I suppose the whole "healthy" part might have been a bit over-stated in my case.

The evening pretty much consisted of three parts: Fika, God Time, and Small Groups. Fika is just a small meal . . . which happens here for any excuse at all. God Time was a tremendous worship experience. The youth praise band led in worship songs. Then, Joel led a Bible study. He is a funny and engaging speaker. The teenagers really seemed to track with him. The small groups were divided between girls and guys and took on a Q and A format. One of the guys in the praise band, Lukas, tried to keep me up on what was happening by translating from Swedish to English.

The kids hung around until about midnight laughing and talking. Totally enjoyed spending time with them. Was amazed that one or two of the students remembered me from when I was here two years ago. They seemed excited to see me.

Got home late and went to bed. Whew.

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