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Gatlinburg Golf Course is rated the best in the area so I went out early to play there. It rained overnight and still looked threatening but that turned out to be a good thing. Most other people cancelled because of the rain so the course was pretty clear. I played with a man from Louisiana and we got through the course pretty quickly with hardly anyone else playing. The golf course is in a hilly area and made few modifications to the landscape. Most fairways are either big downhill or big uphill. Many greens were so elevated I struggled with the right club choice to get up the hills. The #12 par 3 is called Sky Hi. From the red tees it’s 164 yards but it drops almost 200 feet, tee to green. I think that’s the longest 9 iron I’ve ever hit!

I’ve now driven over 5,300 miles on this trip and today for the first time the Garmin let me down. After I finished golf, my plan was a short drive to Asheville/Hendersonville, North Carolina. I think it’s only about 100 miles but it took over 4 hours so I didn’t have time to see any of the sites I wanted to see in Asheville. When I was leaving Gatlinburg the GPS told me to turn right on a Parkway rather than left toward the freeway. I thought that might be both shorter and more scenic so I did as told. After about 15 miles of 15-20 mph S-curves going up a mountain, no signs and no other traffic I was having second thoughts but there was no place to turn around. Then at about 20 miles, as I was at least going downhill, I see “pavement ends 500 feet.” Not seeing any other options I kept going and finally came out the other side past some road construction equipment and found a sign to go to the freeway. I’m not really sure why the GPS sent me over the mountain but it was just the first of its problems for the day. Once I got on the freeway I thought I had it made but apparently the GPS was having a bad day. The whole way it kept saying “lost signal.” When it would find the signal it would give me crazy instructions like “turn left in 100 feet” (off the freeway?) so I finally had to pull off and study the map to try to figure out where I was and where I needed to be. It was a very long day.

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