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Fog on the hill behind our RV


Our Van waits

Ed with the Grandkids

I am planning to write a journal entry about “Hitch Itch”, but this is not the evening for it.

We awoke to a beautiful, foogy day! The fog was on the hills and it was pretty enough to take a couple of pictures, so I will post them for you.

Both of us had a very busy day today. Marilyn baby-sat with both of the Grandkids today while I worked at leading tours in the cave.

A really strange dude come in for a tour, with a machete strapped to his belt. There was no way that one of the pretty, young girls were going to lead that tour. I stepped in and led that one!

The guy wasn’t allowed to take his machete into the cave. He made it obvious that he didn’t want to leave his machete at the desk, but he eventually complied. He continued acting “different” all during the tour. He stayed farther back from the small group than I was comfortable with, and I asked him four times to stay with the group, being a bit more forceful each time.

He finally did stay with us at the end but was very strange acting.

I was glad to see that tour come to an end.

Three more tours, with school groups, finished off my day.

I walked back to the RV and played with the Grandkids until it was time to take them to meet their Mom.

Marilyn & I are both exhausted tonight.

We sat together with a glass of wine and talked about our plans for the weekend.

It will be a very busy time for us. I’ll have to write about it one day at a time, rather than try to describe the plans for you.

This is a short entry but tomorrow is a new day, and we continue to believe that………….Life is Good!

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