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Hanoi is a really chaotic city. Attempting to cross the roads with hundreds of motorbikes coming at you from all directions is a stressful yet fun experience. And it is unavoidable. After coming very close to being knocked down on a number of occasions I adopted the effective strategy of walking directly behind a local as they crossed the road. They are experts at it. Locals gather all over the streets of Hanoi, sitting on miniature plastic stools, to eat and drink and socialise in general. It appears as though no-one eats at home as the pavements are always full of people. Wherever these plastic stools are you can often find signs for 'Bia Hoi' where you can sit and enjoy a glass of beer for 15 pence. And it is surprisingly nice too. I met a good group of people on the torturous bus ride from Laos to Hanoi so we had a few nights out together whilst here. We always ended up going to what is quite possibly the hottest and sweatiest night club I have ever been to. It was good fun though.

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