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Off on early morning game drive


A herd of buffalo



A bubble fish is caught


Impala in a hurry


Beach at river

Water Buck

The baby zebra rests


A series of giraffe images





A small pride of lions


There were 1/2 a dozen jeeps observing them.

No wonder they were alert

But one rested

Brunch by the river

Best meal of the day

Our afternoon begins with a blocked road.

View from the jeep

Zebra in the golden afternoon sun

Sunset was beautiful

Birds at sunset








Southern Cross

Mfuwe, Zambia, Friday, May 7, 2010

Another before dawn wake-up call, a quick breakfast and out at 6:30AM for a game drive in the Land Rover. We were a bit put out that the usual break after about two hours had not taken place. It was more like 10:30 when we were completely surprised as we rounded a bend in the road near the river to see a breakfast encampment complete with tables and chairs, a campfire, and the delicious brunch cooking. We had beans, corn fritters, bacon, sausage, eggs, toast (done over the coals), and potatoes. What a feast - the best meal we had at this lodge.

After a longer afternoon siesta (since we had brunch early) we set off on our last night game drive at Mfuwe. As the long shadows of the afternoon sun stretched over the wide expanses, we experienced some particularly beautiful zebra. In the dark (lighted by a powerful spotlight) we tracked a leopard with great success. Tom was shooting at ISO speeds of 6400 with a 50mm (non-telephoto) lens and the images of the leopard are severely cropped. The images of the night sky showed the big dipper "upside-down" since we are in the southern hemisphere.

Back at the lodge, we enjoyed our last dinner at Mfuwe and exchanged email addresses with our new friends, Lisa & Steve.

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