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We were not baby-sitting today, and my work hours were from 10:00 AM until 1:00 PM.

That meant a “Sleep-in” morning was in order.

It was about 7:00 when we finally rolled out of bed.

We sat together, with our morning coffee and the fireplace, in no hurry to start our day.

While sipping our final cup of coffee, I suggested that we go out for breakfast.

We were soon dressed and on our way to town.

By the time we finished our meal and returned to the RV, it was time for me to put on my “Cave Clothing” and drive to work.

I would have walked up there but it had begun raining by the time I went to work.

The school kids began arriving shortly after I showed up and they were pretty good today. I only gave a couple of tours and I was on my way back to the RV.

As I drove up, Jennifer was just leaving, so she changed her mind and came back inside for awhile.

Once she and the Grandkids left for home, we ate a bite of lunch and relaxed.

It sure is nice to spend a rainy afternoon in the comfort of our RV, curled up with my honey, the fireplace, and a good book.

We were talking this morning, about how “Hitch Itch” has set in and both of us are anxious to get on the road again.

Colorado is calling us!

We have several things left to do here before we leave, two weeks from today.

We are getting together with friends in Quincy, Il on Saturday. They planned a cookout for several couples, around our schedule, and we have had this one on the books for a couple of weeks.

Then, on Sunday, we will drive to Kahoka to meet with some of my relatives. We have been too busy to get with them before now, but Sunday is the day!

We will all have lunch together at the Catfish Place in Arbela, MO.

A stop in Kahoka for some home made lemon ice cream will be a “must” before we return home on Sunday.

We have some things to take out to the storage shed before we leave but once that is done we will be set and almost ready to leave.

Marilyn & I prepared dinner together tonight. We had turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and a veggie. It was fine! We drank a glass of wine and listened to some music with the volume turned up a bit.

What a nice way to spend the evening.

All of the time we spend together with each other, with loving family, or with friends, is just a reminder for us, that………

Life is Good!

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