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Cattle herd in front of National Ranching Heritage Center

Rancher statue

"Between Broncs"

Jackrabbit statues

Real Jackrabbit

El Capote Cabin - 1838 made of winged elm logs chinked with...

Inside El Capote Cabin

Old mail camp - 1875 - mail for ranchers could be left...

Inside the old mail camp


Half Dug-out - 1888

Inside the half dug-out

Line camp - 1905 - began as a watering hole. Second story...

Line camp - upstairs

Line camp - downstairs

John coming up from the line camp's downstairs kitchen

Barton House - 1909 - 5 rooms and 1 bath on each...

Star Model 15 Windmill - 48 feet tall with 14 foot diameter...

Joe B. Matthews water tank with windmill 30 feet tall and 6...

Ropes Depot - 1918

Inside the depot


Horse Rail - put together with rope

Old steam engine - pulled cattle cars

1923 Model T Ford

Black tailed prairie dogs in prairie dog town

Chewing on a carrot

Stop tracking all this dirt into my nice clean burrow! (Mama and...

Nice closeup

Everyone on alert!

I'm dieting! I'm dieting! It's just a carrot!

This afternoon we toured the National Ranching Heritage Center. The 48 fully furnished and authentic structures ranging from the late 1700s to the early 1950s are located on 16 acres of land. Each structure has a sign telling its history and where it was originally located. A map of Texas on the sign shows that location.

We have included here some of the more interesting buildings.

Jack rabbits make the acreage their home, and we saw them bouncing in and out among the buildings. They are big animals with big pretty eyes.

After we completed our walking tour of the buildings, we drove to McKenzie Park to look for the prairie dog town. We found it. A large area was surrounded by a low brick fence. The fence is more to let people know where they should not go than to keep the little critters in...they hopped up on and down from the wall easily. There is a large crop of babies old enough to be out of their dens.

We got back to Arvy about 4:30. The man who manages the park is going to change Arvy's oil tonight when he gets off work. We are eating in and packing up to move on tomorrow.

We will be leaving Texas and going on into New Mexico. We have enjoyed Texas. We have found lots of interesting things to do and to see.

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